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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by grassbusterdesigns, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Honestly if they want my stuff that bad I will just pay the deductable and get new equipment. Since my stuff is insured for replacement cost I really don't worry about it too much.
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    Thank you guys for all the useful advice. I think I officially solved the problem tonight. You can never be too safe. I don't live in a "wealthy" neighborhood, but more a "working" class neighborhood. We have rental properties on the same block, however, we do not know the owner of the people around the corner that are causing the ruckus. Today I put two double sided dead bolts on the inside garage door. Where you have to have a key to open both of them from the inside of the garage to get inside the house, and also to get from the house inside the garage you will need a key for both dead bolts. I picked up two bracket door garage locks with sliders that cross over the garage door slider poles. The only way that garage door is coming open is if you tear the whole garage door down which is under a bright lit LED night light. The only way your getting in the garage from the laundry room door, is if you have the strength to kick down two dead bolts. And if you did get inside after all that, I purchased two thirty foot cables from Lowes with padlocks through all the equipment. I'm not saying a crook couldn't do it, but it would take quite a while and we have good neighbors that stay alert so no-criminal would have all day in the house to get the garage open.

    We been wanting a dog for a long time, along with my wife and daughter. I searched all night last night and all day through pounds, online, and pet adoption programs. I was lucky enough to find the most amazing, loving, and protective German Shepard today. It obeys nearly all the commands, sitting, shaking, standing, and even kissing. When I went to pick it up today from the owner, it showed that "protective" side and started growling and going lunging towards me on the least. The owner calmed it and got it to sit with a few words to where we could play and pet with it. We've had it in the house for several hours now, I've done took it for a walk, and now it is showing us all the love and most affection you could ever ask for from a dog. I'm actually glad the idea of getting a new dog after are last one came into mind and everyone in the family wanted it. Literally, after hours and hours of searching last night and today, I came across all kinds of people today that upset me. Many people that were breeding dogs inappropriately, many that looked abused, some people wanting $3,500. for a dog, that was non-sense to me. I was luckily enough to find the German Shepard from a very, very nice family whom trained it themselves. They threw in two leashes, a regular leash and a training leash, also the dogs favorite blanket and pillows, and some other goodies. The Shepard is up to date with all it's vaccines and even has a Microchip which I will be taking to get scanned tomorrow. I've never owned such an obedient dog in my life and it feels good to have a mans best friend again and to actually found one that I care about and love.

    To top off the new dead bolts, the new garage door locks, the cables through equipment with lock, a pad lock on the gate, the new German Shepard, I ordered a sign that says "Warning, this German Shepard makes it to the fence in 2.8 Seconds, can you make it over that fast." ;)

    All in all, my insurance protects me in the long run. But sometimes the long run does no-good when you have a high deductible, a waiting period for your equipment, not to mention the worse, some low life scum bag gets off with thousands of bucks in his pocket. I did my best to prevent that. It might not be fully preventable, but for less than $200. bucks, my garage is sealed air tight and has something very protective watching over it, with added security inside of it. ;)

    I'm always cautious and will never feel completely safe living in a big city, after growing up in the country. But I did my best to protect myself for a very cheap cost. Thanks for the ideas to everyone that helped out!
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    A couple of big Black and Tan Dobermans kept at the shop.
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    Keep your stuff locked up and have insurance on it. Very simple and affordable compaired to having your livelihood ruined.
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    I agree. Anyone with insurance is good in the end, but at what cost? How much down time? How much of a deductible are you paying? If anyone was following my post last week, I passed down m old equipment to a buddy up north. Just within the past few days I went and got all brand new equipment, blowers, edgers, trimmers, back-ups, and one big boy. You can bet it's all covered. But whether equipment is covered, no matter the deductible, I don't choose to let some low life who can't (or) don't want to go put hours in the sun to earn a fair paycheck take my equipment.
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    In my opinion, big dogs can be worked around if the criminal knows what he's doing. But it's a very large deterrent, especially for a large trained dog. Since it's pouring down rain, I'll tell a funny experience I had last night. The same house on the next street, where I had issues with the minority group, last night I took the new guy around the block a few times meaning to pass by that house on purpose to ensure they now know my house wouldn't be an easy target. A car pulled up to the house when I came back onto our street. As I walked down the street one of the guys went to jump in the car. (They sell drugs at this house I'm nearly positive on this.) When I got closer to the car he was getting ready to get out, popped the door open, had one leg out of the door as if he was about to get out. He pulled that leg back in and shut the door until I walked by when the GS started growling. :laugh:
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    I've always kept my stuff off site in a storage facility. I've never had an issue and I pay a few dollars extra to have their insurance plus mine cover my stuff. The facilities around here have management live on site. I know this isn't bullet proof but it allows me to keep what I actually want in the garage.
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    Have fun, but don't be a Zimmerman
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    My situation is somewhat different. I live on a farm that borders National wilderness lands .
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    To get on my property theres only one way and one way out, the paper company owns the mountain behind my land. ;)

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