Protecting your equipment at the house...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by grassbusterdesigns, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Now that I think about it, that would actually be very convenient for me. I never thought of it that way. So your stuff is covered through your insurance, and you also have insurance through the storage facilities? I had no idea they offered insurance on their properties, that's pretty smart though. Heck, I have a storage unit facility on the other side of my privacy fence. I could probably get a unit for free from them. :usflag: They have an area to store boats, cars, etc. in the very back and the vehicles on their property kept bumping into our privacy fence and it started looking raggedly. I went and had a talk with them about it and they installed new concrete parking stops for us and I built a new Cedar fence to replace the old one! That's a very clever idea though, thanks for that tip!
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    First of all live in a nice wealthy white neighborhood have lots of lights and have big dogs who's barking will wake up the dead and rip apart anything else. Being armed better than most police agency's also doesn't hurt either. Those same minorities that you mention about wouldn't get their foot in my neighborhood being shot dead the second they stepped foot on somebody's property. Also the police response time is much faster in our neighborhood than most places.
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    While I agree with everyone under all circumstances, if I'm home I'm going to protect my home, and that means if someone that doesn't live here comes in the home, their not leaving unless they somehow escape the rounds of my .45 and survive. However, the situation I was in, I wasn't worried about anyone coming in while I'm at the house. I was particularly worried about something happening when I was out of the house. We all have a clear understanding of what to do when you're in the house. :laugh: So in other words, there's no 100% fool proof, but we all need to take precautions and secure everything down. There was a contractor here a few weeks ago posting on Craigslist, he left is whole box van loaded one night, they ripped him for everything. I don't mean a few hand tools, but the man had everything, and I mean everything. Multiple Circular Saws, skill saws, jig saws, high end Makita and Dewalt Drills, every kind of tool you can think of this man had taken. After that incident, it made me start thinking twice. We will be moving to a new neighborhood soon. We have three duplex properties on our street, the only reason we're living where we are is because our house is completely paid off. You can bet in a few months, we will be in a new area and renting this place out.
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    Makes you question why he had everything in his van at one time? I don't know the story but I would never tell my insurance company yea everything I had to work with was in this van.... Might slow down on getting your money back.

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