protective box or cover for fertilizer bags


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dirty jersey
i load my p/u truck in the morning with bags of fertilizer for the day. some times i may not have time to unload it at the end of the day or durning the day we may have a passing shower. i know there is a few expensive fiberglass bins on the market to store the fertilizer in . what do you guys do or how do you store the bags in youe bed of your p/u to keep them dry. thanks anthony grelli

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I went to Wal-Mart and purchased one of those large tubs with a lid(around $15)it stays watertight and I haven't had any problems with moisture inside.<p>Adam:)<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: CA Enterprises


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I have some coal bags that I got years ago, they are reinforced vinyl and can hold about 6 50# bags. I also have used tarps but I have to be careful because my bedliner doesnt have drains and everything pools.<p>Most of my fertilizer comes in double plastic bags from my dealer but I like to be extra careful. Good Luck.


The stuff I buy is in real heavy plastic bags, heat sealed. It's rare to get any water in them unless they sit in a pool in the back of the truck. I got a big &quot;Tuff Box&quot; at WalMart that I use for seed on my hydroseeder trailer, it seem to be about perfectly sealed, stuff stays dry inside