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Protero DFS model 215 for sale


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have a brand new (never used to collect grass or leaves) Protero model 215 that retails for $2035. It is designed to fit on most Z series mowers. I bought this unit from an e-bay auction by the makers of the Protero Lawn Vacs, I paid $1600 plus shipping and handling which came out to almost $2000. I will sell this unit for $1400 plus $1 dollar per mile driven if delivered. I live in the west suburbs of Chicago. I will not ship this unit because of its size but will deliver it within reason. Please note that you may need to purchase different mounting brackets to make it fit on your mower.It currently fits my Toro Z 500. Below is a copy of a thread describing this unit here on LS. http://lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=88590&highlight=protero
I am selling it is for two reasons, first when mounted on my mower it takes up too much space on my trailer and second because of the length of my mower and vac system I am worried about maneuvering it around some of my smaller properties. Other than that I have no complaints and think this unit will serve another LCO well, especially in leaf season.

If interested either PM me, call me at 630-841-2988