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    Just bought a new Protero Pro-vac 215 on E-bay for 1600.00 plus shipping for my 52" Toro Z-500. I think I got a great deal on a better vac system compared to what I was quoted and read about on the Toro two bagger system. The Toro two bagger system will only bag the clippings and has a smaller capacity than the Protero which has a capacity of 15 cu/ft or 12 bushels, and best of all is a 3 in 1 system,
    1) it is a DFS (dumps from the seat)
    2) it can also have two 35 gallon rubbermade containers put inside to collect leaves and clippings for transfer to a vehicle
    3) and you can also put bags inside the Rubbermade containers and leave the waste at the job.
    I did a lot of research on here on LS about the Protero and called the company many times before deciding to bid on it.
    mostly my questions were about mounting the unit specifically, how this unit would fit on my Toro Z-500 because of the ROPS. They were professional and informative, so far customer service has been top notch. I also found a lot of positive feedback with few negatives here on LS. I was-also lucky enough to be the only guy bidding on it and I got it for the minimum asking price, the buy it now price was 200.00 more. The contact at Protero said that they have many units they will auction off on E-bay and are currently running another auction for the Pro-vac 18 (even larger than the one I bought) starting at 1880.00 with a buy it now of 1995.00 if anyone else is shopping around. Unfortunately the PV-18 doesn't have the 3 in 1 capabilities of the one I bought, strictly DFS. Good luck on the auction if anyone is looking for one.

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