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    New to forum wondering if anyone has dealt with this company called them on Dec 1 and purchased pro 18 bagger after waiting 2 weeks bagger arrived missing drive pulley and wrong mount called back talked to Bob and was told new mount and drive pulley was on the way 22 days later still no pulley or mount have called many times no answer left voicemails no returned calls no returned emails are they still in business.
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    i have only heard things like what you have posted. sorry
  3. Agape

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    yeah, I try to get as much as I can from local shop, sorry bro!
  4. topsites

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    Yeah I ain't never heard of them but it doesn't matter, you placed the order and you should have your stuff,
    so I would suggest if you're still within 30 days of the original charge that you get with your credit card company
    and put a reverse on that charge, that ought to get their attention but at the least you'll get your money back.

    You'll want to do this asap because once that 30 days is up you are sol.

    That's what I would do, I don't play these games with my suppliers and every once in a while you will get a phone call
    from one or the other that's all upset because you did that so you have to know when to make that call, but...
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    I have four of the PV230, one PV18 and the the customer services at Protero sucks! Always has, and always will.

    Whenever we break something or need a new mount we make it our or have it made at the local welding shop.
  6. riven123

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    I had ordered the the PV-18 and after 3 weeks I called Protero for delivery status and they told me they would ship the unit later that week and I would get it early sometime next week. After that week had passed I called back (4th week), and was told they could ship it the next day or I could get a refund. I said I would like a refund. The guy name Bob said I should get a refund the next week. I called them several times during the next three weeks and they always Had some excuse why the credit was not but back on my charge card. So finally I went to the bank and had them do a charge back. The web site might look professional but buyer beware, you don't always get what you see.
  7. LawnGuy73

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    Yup.. That is Protero. Place is a Joke!! :hammerhead:

    Sad part is we couldn't even sell those damn things around here when we did switch to another brand of vac, hell we couldn't give them away. :waving:
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  8. robir22

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    I just recieved a PV18 pto driven catcher for my Kubota B2670. It took almost 7+ weeks to get it, but it was a new product with the pto driven blower. It is very well made with heavy bearings, cast pulleys, and large 8" tubes. But, no manual to put it together, not even ontheir internet site, bolts were missing flat washers and were loose, Chinese idler bearings that went bad after 3 hours of use, (weren't sealed type),and one flew off the shaft because the bolt thru the bearing didn't have a flat washer on it to hold bearing in place, and it froze up and spun off the bolt, actually both are missing the flat washers needed to keep pulley on shafts. The blower hose was 3" too short to make the connection from output of blower to grass catcher.
    The main hose from discharge to intake of blower was almost 18" longer than needed, but at least I could cut down the length instead of trying to stretch it! Now they won't answer my emails, or return my phone calls. So, I owe them frt costs only, and guess that I may end up getting my frt. covered, since I have to go out and outsource the parts I need to get my grass catcher running again. I really like it for what it does, and love the PTO driven blower. It is heavy made, maybe too heavy for sidehill use, but I did at least get to use it for 3 hours and am satisfied with the job it did.
    This guy Bob has a good product, but his QC and way of doing business is very lacking to say the least.
  9. Landscraper1

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    I now have about 11 Protero PV18s. I originally would buy just the container and use the OEM Hustler Vac. The combination was great. Now Hustler changed their vac design, which I am not crazy for. So the last 2 units I have been using the Protero complete systems. So far they work great. The only problem I have is that, at times, a row of grass clippings get left behind. This will only happen with dry grass. Wet grass no problems, go figure.

    They are slow in getting things done but, when I call, Bob is always there to answer my questins.

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