Prove it and take me to court!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Brianslawn, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Brianslawn

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    this is what my insurance agent once told me if i didnt think i caused the damage customer was claiming. he said if i was doing a one time yard or if customer just started very recently and called up claiming i broke something, and i was certain i didnt to not even mention insurance and see if they could gather enough proof to go to court. then if they did file in court to hand it over to insurance and they would fight it or pay.

    never had to do it, yet. only 2 broken windows in the couple years since he told me that. those windows were on front doors and i watched them shatter in front of me while i was edging near them.

    any one else been told this by their insurance agents, or what do you do if someone claims damage that youre sure you didnt do?
  2. Ramairfreak98ss

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    is this major damage or just little things? thankfully ive never had anyone say ive broken anything...
  3. Brianslawn

    Brianslawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    just any damage in general that a customer blaims you for but you know you didnt do or think its a setup on a one time mow.

    nothings happened to me recently but a few years ago on a one time mow, lady calls me late the next day claimin her car window broke and fell out after i left and she already had it fix and the mess cleaned up. only had one next door neighbor backing her story and a couple pics with no date.
  4. Ramairfreak98ss

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    lol, yeah i doubt that would hold up 1%.. I just went through a small claims suite for a "botched" autobody repair from Levittown Autobody in Delran, NJ... hint, hint, dont take your cars there! Judge threw most of my case out since i only have 176 full page clear photographs.. A. you need proof, pictures etc. B. you need a quote/estimate/repair cost bill/invoice and proof of payment dated "after" the incident. She would also need someone else to have seen it and have a repair facility "state" that the window or car was damaged by flying debris "at her house". She would have had to call the cops and get a police document stating her problem.
  5. lawnman_scott

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    would the police come over a civil matter? arent lawyers great....
  6. MowerMoney

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    Last year I had a new customer try to tell me that I broke their air condintioner. The elderly woman's son showed me a mark on the A/C where he claimed that I bumped into it. I brought my mower up to it and the marks did not match the height of my mower. He says that if I tip the mower up then it matches. Ya right buddy.

    Anyways, I tell him, even if I did put that mark on the outer cooling foils, that it wouldn't have broken the A/C. He insisted on seeing my insurance (I had it but didn't show it to him). So we calls a heating & cooling guy to check it out. Turns out the unit was over 15 years old and needed a recharge. Still works fine 2 years later (The lady is still my customer to this day)
  7. promower

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    Actually I did have a situation that wasnt my fault and could have costed me a bunch of money, or at least my ins. company money. I had a customer I mowed for who was living on disability (which I think she was scamming on because she seemed fine to me, usually working around in her yard when I came to mow) One day I was there mowing while she was having some major landscape work done over the course of about 4 days. Later on in the week we had one huge rain storm after another, think it was 6-7" of rain throughout the week. She called threatening me that I moved her sump pump hose to drain into her window well causing her basement to flood. I didnt move her hose, I know that for sure. After me trying to reason with her, and her screaming at me, I finally said fine take me to court I didnt do it, and you had about 8 other guys working on your property last week so whos to say they didnt do it, or you yourself didnt do it. Never heard from her again.
  8. milo

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    i had a whole trailer park my first year in business and at the bottom if you trim and hit it, it breaks off so i would never trim there. so i picked up like 2 new accounts a week there. one old lady i did a few times calls me after i was there and told me i broke her paneling. when i was there cutting the first few times the hole was there already. she and like 8 other neighbors were all out then finding holes i put into all of these trailer skirts. i said look i check them every time after i cut. then they say well a guy is coming to fix all of them and if you could give us a copy of your insurance so we can send the bill to them. i said no way i did not do this and will not be accoused of this and anyway my insurance company tole me that if i dont know for sure that i did the damage they would not cover it. once i said that the one old lady said to the other to call him and not to come right in front of me.
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