providing better & more consistent customer service?

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For a consistent high quality mowing job it is setting and achieving a High Standard and doing Quality Control to retain consistency. Fairly straightforward to understand I believe. For customer service many people have dealt with bad customer service that has choosing someone else or switching to a different company. I heard this is taking a bit of a hit with scag, which is unfortunate cause their stuff is alright.

To have a higher quality customer service what are the things you are doing to ensure a good first impression, and the best customer experience start to finish?

Do you pick up the phone rather than go to voicemail, do you ask for any special notes to make sure things run smoothly, do you call after the job to ask if they want anything fixed(and if they want to go weekly/biweekly). What is it that you do that you can ensure they had not only the best cut, but the best customer experience?


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Id say always answer the phone buy the 3rd ring


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Hopefully @Hurryupelectric your not using a Mercedes sprinter van, just read their implementing a recall as they pop out of park and roll off on their own. Oops.
I have toyed with the idea of running a sprinter van with a 36 stander and a 21”/30”. Could be entertaining the idea of a 36”, 32” and really light electric 21” hung up in a sprinter. These Ford transits are cool, my buddy has one as a surf mobile. Fuel efficient, semi compact and can almost definitely fit the equipment i’d want to run out of it. Tasteful lettering and photo or possibly a wrap.
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