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Proxy PGR

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FERT-TEK, Jul 4, 2004.


    FERT-TEK LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,035

    I am about one week into my Proxy PGR experiment. I applied it with my Perma Green Ultra at the recommended dilution. One application at full strength instead of two applications at half rate. I have mowed it once with no noticeable change in growth rate or general color. I am told this stuff works a little slower than Turf Enhancer or Primo Max so the full effect may not have been realized yet. I also applied liquid iron at the time of application at the recommended rate for PGR applications. I have noticed two potential problems one most likely being operator error. I am not sure about the other. I have these brown stains in the lawn in an area that I most likely overlapped too much when turning around. My fault for not being more careful but the second problem has the same staining along the lawn where the tires ran on the turf. Difficult to say but I don't think it was over-applied there. From a distance those areas look slightly burnt, but up close the lawn is lush and full of moisture. Just has this browning in only a couple of the turnaround areas.

    If you PGR guys have experienced the same and can offer some advice I would appreciate it. Will this go eventually go away, should I water those areas more or possibly apply additional iron, could it be too much Iron? .........I will try to post pictures tomorrow. Cant today since I am at the firehouse until 7am tomorrow. We got more rain last night and again today so I may be able to answer my own question about watering tomorrow. It was too dark this morning when I left for work at 530 am to see if last nights rain helped.

    Happy fourth of July to everyone and GO CUB's lets break out the brooms against the enemy on the south side.

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