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    I'd also think synthetic grass is a game more mowing or irrigation flowers .....certainly present all options to client . In the long run xeriscape makes a lot of sense as most folks never use large grass areas.
    Many types of views on what looks nice. Some prefer a 'more natural look' (myself included, others like manicured hedges and large grass areas... I try to provide the best value for my client..
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    We tend to forget 'why' we moved away from xeriscaping when we first settled Wisconsin... what was your part of the world like before it was domesticated by settlers???
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    My idea of xeriscaping is using grass where appropriatly needed. Reducing grass sq. Footage in favor of drought tolerant plants, groundcovers sprinkled with perennial color...lowmmaintenance .
    Area here was some grasslands and rolling hills....grass somewhat like buffalo...resposible irrigation usage through better plant sele ction and technology.
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    Not rocks and cactus...use mulch!
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    If you live in grasslands,,, how do you determine the native trees and bushes for your landscapes???
    Around here we have had misquitoes and various other vermin that was actually responsible for the deaths of many settlers... I'm sitting on acres of 'naturally xeriscaped' land and my domesticated landscape/lawns and gardens are much more productive relevant and clean compared to 'native plants and bushes'...
    Reducing misquito habitat is Job One and making it look good follows...

    If I were king,,, I'd rip out the concrete jungle and make city people grow trees and food then walk to work... :)
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    Funny you say that.

    Our area actually had no trees to speak of originally. The place was stripped cleaned from natural wildfires every few years. The only trees we had were some natural Maple groves from what I can tell.

    Now there's trees everywhere of all varieties and still lots of farmground.

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    I Love it!!!

    Around here we are building/growing windbreaks for natural erosion control for the wide open spaces,,, but the cities are doing fine with their trees and threir building and even their heat island in which small towns are consistently 5 degrees warmer in the cool seasons than the wide open spaces...

    Now if Iowa would just put in some trees, then Shytown would be no more, "The Windy City" than Green Bay... Of course that has already been addressed... "WildFires"...

    Nature's Wise and Loving Hand or Prelude to Desolation??? WildFires... Utah, Montana, etc... I remember one Summer we didn't have a Summer,,, only the stink of wildfires in the western US...

    In my opinion,,, Prelude to Desolation...

    But I digress... :)

    Are you insinuating that mankind growing trees in Illinios is better than having "Grasslands" dominate the landscape, over these millions and millions of acres, outside the Windy City???

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