pruning arborvitaes before easter / nj

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Kylec3, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Have a church that wants all their shrubs around the building trimmed and shaped up to make it look nice for easter sunday. We used to trim these but its been a while because they cut back on services last year due to finances....We usually do the majority of our pruning from may-nov ...Is it too early to start shearing the arborvitaes? A few years ago i learned the hard way...had a rough winter and a lot of the arborvitaes had branches hanging out all over so we 'touched them up' on one job in late march when we did our spring cleanup to try and keep some shape until we got back to shaping them later on.....soo is it too early for the arborvitaes? we did some slight damage by pruning early before....i prefer to prune these in like october/november.
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    It should be no problem... Last year I pruned a bunch of arbs in April to stimulate growth where I wanted it as it broke dormancy. They filled in nicely in May, now this year I may wait for my normal pruning time in mid-June, which means pruning after growth spurt and they look good for the rest of the season...

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