Pruning banana trees and palms

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Lance L, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Lance L

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    i recently bought a competitor out thats customers were heavy in tropical landscapes, so now i have banana trees and palms to deal with. im not sure of the maint envolved in these trees and would like to get a schedule going.

    so a couple questions, on banana trees, how often(for those of you who schedule everything) do you trim the dead/whilting leaves or prons whichever they are? in the fall/winter when do you prepare it for the winter? and when you do (been told 2 ways but not told why or which is better) do you cut it down at the ground or do you trim everything off so it looks like a big stick? which is better and for what reason?

    on palms, pretty much the same thing. how often do you find the prons need to be cut, what is needed for the winter? im going to wrap some on wed, what is the proper way of doing this? when in the winter or under what circumstances do they need to be wrapped? how do you know which ones to wrap? is it by size, by type, age?

    thanks alot!!
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    I have basjoo banana trees up here in Ohio, that I move in and out of our house season to season.

    They're house plants in the winter, and really cool landscape centerpieces during the 'tropical' growing season, from say early May to early October.

    Last fall I discovered the attached website...And I've learned boat loads from it too!
    Including the fact that I can actually 'overwinter' in the ground here in Ohio the basjoo bananas I've been religiously hauling in and out for about 8-9 years!

    (...duh!) :hammerhead:

    I'd recommend asking your questions here; I don't have the same type of experience you're looking for:


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