Pruning Date Palms w/Reciprocating Saw?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. I've heard people do this. anyone try it vs hand saw?
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  2. austins35

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    yes it has been done

    some have killed bears with a butter knife

    you can do it But it's time consuming

    I shave with an electric razor I trim trees an bushes with Gas powered equipment
  3. i did 2 sylvesters today. i first used my silky katanaboy to cut the fronds and then my reciprocating saw to do the angled cuts....was way easier than using a had saw for the angled cuts. i didn't time it but it def took less time and was less physical work.

    i got the reciprocating saw for $20 from HF.
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  4. billslawn89

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    I use a stihl pole saw on pygmy palms. Does a great job.
  5. greendoctor

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    Pole chainsaws are the best on date palms. Beats getting stabbed.
  6. avlawn

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    What's the going rate to prune palms ?? We have a lot of Mexican fan palms down here in the southwest..
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  7. depends on the palm, size, frequency of pruning. i charge $50/ea. on the one in the pic. thats bc they are pretty small though. date palms take a little time to do correctly bc of the angled cuts. if we are talking a 20 ft. coconut that gets done twice per year i will charge about $25 as i can have it done in 10 minutes. if its in a tight location i charge more...point is there is really no set price.
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  8. yea....BUT, i wouldn't use it if i wanted a date palm that has proper angled cuts. its very easy to nick the palm or screw up the cuts.....
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  9. fl-landscapes

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    I have an echo ptt-266 pole saw too but if it needs cleaning out of berries and old berry pods, it's a ladder and hand saw and yes poked hands are almost unavoidable. Otherwise you end up hitting fronds you want to stay. For the trunk the small chainsaws designated for this type of work and not cutting trees is the ticket to cutting all those angles properly and quicky. I think the one I have is an echo cs-341

    Lower left looks like that zoysia you renovated. Looking good.
  10. thanks! yea due to the warm winter it is growing just fine. all im going to do this year is scalp, aerate, and topdress. if winter stays warm im going to do it in march before it gets super hot. plus, i now have 3 other zoysia lawns that i will be renovating each year. best to get this little one out of the way early.
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