Pruning Ilex Meserveae

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by shovelracer, Apr 12, 2007.

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    OK I didnt really get the answer I needed from my searching and numerous books so here you go. I planted 29 Blue Girl and 1 Blue Boy last year. The plants are young, maybe only 2-3 years if not younger. They were kinda rangey since they hadn't ever been trimmed. They were planted with the intention of creating a formal privacy hedge. The owner called me a little while ago and wanted them pruned to make sure they take the proper shape in the future. Nice to see that someone actually cares about there plants. So anyways I get the whole 1/3-1/2 pruning thing, but is there anything I should do to make sure that they will start growing as we intend. They are 4-5ft apart if I remember correctly, they should be about 30" tall and maybe 18" wide. Intended to grow about 5-6' high and eventually create one large wall of shrub. Should I prune all the way around, front and back, or select limbs, or what? This was a good client in a high dollar neighbor hood so I want to get it right. Thanks for any help.
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    Prune them by hand with a pair of Felco pruners. You will have better control of the shape of the plants and the plants will be healthier for it. Selectively prune where you want the plant to branch out and fill in that direction. If you want them to grow together as a hedge, you should only do minimal pruning to control any wayward branches.

    This site has some good basic information for blue hollies.

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    as a formal hedge use a machine to trim, they will thicken in faster, to help with lateral branching u need to lower the tops abit...u should hit them with some a firm beliver in hand pruning too but blue hollies grow slow and tend to get leggy when hand pruned....if it where 1 or 2 shrubs for a focal point then handpruning might be in order....holly cross polinate different varietys), any male holly within a mile and u will get your female flowers pollinated.
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    rough choice for a screen,but they should be trimmed in march and then let to grow until the following March.

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