Pruning/Installs - hedges,flowers,bushes,etc?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Ecoscape01, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Ran a search and didn't really find anything. I imagine that if my customers are willing to pay for lawn service, they're gonna want the whole package - plant,flower,schrub care as well as the obvious mulching. Any idiot can mow and make it look good.....well maybe not any idiot.......but the care of flowers, schrubs, etc takes a lot more trade knowledge and skill which I don't have YET. what do you guys suggest for honing my skills so I at least do not go into my first season blindly. I figured when a customer asked for services that I am unfamiliar with, I would do research but I would like to have a solid foundation of the basics beforehand. I remember using an electric hedge trimmer on some REALLY overgrown bushes on the property that my mother rented for us and because the hedges were in such bad shape, they were really hard to trim and so they didn't come out looking great. Any thoughts about good books or other helpful material. I heard that Home Cheapo offers some pretty informative classes on the weekends for stuff like that.
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    Use The Search On This Website For A Topic You Will Be Able To Gather Info There And If You Have A Lesco Nearby Stop In They Offer Classes Ansd See If A Local College Has A Horticulture Group You Can Allways Find Info There. You Have The Right Idea Installs, Design, Maintenance Etc., And The Real Landscaping Is Where The Money Is Cutting Grass Is Pennies.
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    electric hedge trimmers are garbage, use gas powered.

    Trimming the shrubs: just follow the natural shape of the bush/shrub, and go slow taking little by little and you'll get the hang of it.

    Planting/Fertilizing flowers/shrubs: with most flowers there is a tag on or with it that will tell you alot, i also recommend going to your local nursery, book store, home depot(cheapo, lol), and get some literature. look for books that tell about best conditions, spacing, the general behavior, Fert. info, best time for planting. there are quite a few different ones out there.
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    Lots of good books out there. you can check out the customer reviews on amazon before you buy wherever you want.

    the pruners bible is one that comes to mind.

    Ortho has many good introductory books & they are inexpensive.

    I highly recommend taking a class or 2 if you can. Rutgers has 2 pruning classes in march

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    if you got a local trade show or exhibition, They usally run seminars for around 45 bucks, plus the free lunch.:)

    Also a few tips if you got a property that has a door, window, drive, or whatever that is flanked by the same shrub prune them at the same height, same width make sure to step back about 20 ft to get a good look at them from the distance (also to see if there any hangers left). Just don't buy one, buy two because chance's are that you'll be half way done and the trimmer will be dull and break not cut the shrub.

    As for a shrub trimmer we use 3 commerical Stihl's and 1 residental (used for when your on a ladder its just easier, lighter, and safer)

    Edit: last thing is that a classroom can teach you everything you need to know. But you learn a lot more when out cutting shrubs.

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