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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by spin2098, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. spin2098

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    Ok so I did a Pruning job last week. It took us 11 total hours. The 1st day 2 men 5hrs. The second day 4 men 6 hrs what would you guys charge? We pruned everything way back and also cleaned the beds real good. Thanks guys.
  2. Smallaxe

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    34 hrs.!?! Whenever I hear of crews taking 'x' number of hours to prune and clean, I always wonder how long it would take me to do it myself.

    There are a lot of huge landscapes around and I tend one of the biggest, and it is done in detailed excellence for under $200.00/pruning. In one day. A little more if I get help.

    If you look at the job and can honestly convince yourself that the job was worth $1000.00... then charge that amount or more.
  3. FYS777

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    O smallaxe, 200 a day is silly if you think about it, is that including hauling the clipings and trimmings off, and insur, and gas and for your truck and trailer time, and then you have to have money left over for your house hold bills, are you legal ??

    34 hours at lest 1,500 bucks, if you take everything into account for the job!!!!!
  4. spin2098

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    Thanks I was thinking the same thing does that mean that people who have a lot of shrubbery don't get pruned or that they get it for dirt cheap? Don't think I will go 1,500 but at least I am justfied by what I thought. Thanks.
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  5. Az Gardener

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    If you don't even know how much to charge after the job is complete I think you have some quirks in your operation. I would be surprised if you are paid a fair price.
  6. White Gardens

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    I also agree with Axe. You are going to have a hard time to convince your customer to hand you a check for over 1500 when you had as many guys on site pruning as you did.

    This would have to of been an extremely large property for me to have that many guys, such as pruning 1/4 mile of shrubs and 20 ornamental trees.

    Now if you told me you did some maintenance in the landscape on top of pruning, (such as pulling weed trees, etc.) then I can see that.
  7. dvog

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    If i had a 3 man crew on a job for 11 hours, heres what i would do. 3 (men) x 11 (hours)= 33 man hours, x $40 per man/per hour- Plus $30 per load to dump.(lets say 5 loads were dumped). total=$1470.00 I might round the total off a little lower but not much.This is not a hobbie for me,im trying to make a profit.
  8. Smallaxe

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    :laugh: Actually I've been illegal for 25 years. :laugh:

    The point I was making, is that crews, that take that long had better be doing acres , not by the K - as was stated earlier by someone else.
    You may need 1500 for 34 hours, but that doesn't mean the job was worth 1500.

    I don't use trailers and use no more gas than the average commuter, work one area at a time for a day. Most importantly - I don't pay employees. Never, ever start that headache. :)

    In this area 200 dollars per day is really good. That is real money, not all the additional expenses. Driving home and emptying the truck is not an additional expense, it is 'time'.
  9. FYS777

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    see thats why you should not have even commented on this one, no employees and way under the rest of the country for priceing, and most folks have to haul off the drbris which adds up for time also..
  10. FYS777

    FYS777 LawnSite Silver Member
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    I agree, we do have to pay bills other then the ones for the business.

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