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    I had seen a friend of the family yesterday. As I was leaving his office, I noticed that he had one of his maintenance people doing some spring clean-up work. So later on in the day I left some words of wisdom on his answering machine. Well I saw the guy again today, and he asked me if I trimmed shrubs. Of course I said yes. We agreed that I would be paid hourly, and that it was just dead wooding and drop crotch pruning. He is mainly concerned about the quality of my cuts, as he said that his current LCO who he referred to as "**** for brains" took a pair of hedge trimmers to them last year. I was just wondering though, what would you people charge for this, and how long would you expect for it to take? There are about 30 - 40 azaleas which are medium in size. There are about 20 or so medium sized rhododendrons. About 20 small river birch. 1 small - medium sized japanese maple "blood good". About 20 evergreens which are small in size (spruce / pine) About 20 small apple trees. I got 3 or 4 of the azaleas pruned today in about 3 or 4 hrs.
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    You are pruning the azaleas just before they bloom? Most trim them just afterwards so there are blossoms to see. Same story for the rhododendron.
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    Do not cut back azaleas yet! Wait until after they bloom, then only do selective pruning.
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    Just drop crotching the stuff that is way too big, the rest is just dead wood. Best time to severely cut back rhodi's, azaleas, and taxus is right now. March / April.

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