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    one of my favorite psa's was the old civil defense warning you'd hear on every radio station, but this one was set to a hip high-hat-cymbal jazz accompaniment, with background wailing and screaming at the words "in the event of an actual emergency...."
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    OK, so I see that this post isn't about "Prostate-specific antigen".
    Good post anyway. :clapping:
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    I tagged 2 cable lines the other week on 2 seperate houses. Both of them were 3-4' away from there locate line so luckily it wasn't my fault.

    The first video. Aren't they supposed to just spot spray paint on cement/pavors? Those lines are not going away anytime soon.
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    Did 2 in a hood this yr and one across the street from them last yr. Hit all . All marked 5-8 ft from current line.
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    They might be using spray chalk instead of paint
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    3-4' away is nothing, try 12' away. Last year I hit the phone and cable line, DigSafe marked them as being on the other side of the Driveway. To make it worse, it was during Verizon's strike. Usually here they will use the chalk paint on cement and handicapping, but on occasion they will use regular marking paint on those surfaces.
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    Wonder why i became so involved involved in locating. We were digging well over 150 pools a year at the peak of the boom.

    The law of averages tells me that the more you do, the more you expose yourself to a potential damage claim.

    I learned to locate, practiced like a madman and have never stopped learning, never considered good enough good enough.

    Irrigation locating ended up being a byproduct of my damage prevention intent.
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