1.COPY FORM <br>2.CALL BUSINESS SET UP TIME OR JUST SHOW UP<br>3.ASK FOR MANGER <br>4.INTRODUCE YOUR SELF (don't go in smelling like BO and leave beer at home)<br>5.Tell him you would like to ask him about his lawn service.<br>6.The rest is up to you. <br> <p>Eufaula Finest lawn service <p>Thank you for your time! <p>Name of Business? _______________________________________________________<p>What Lawn Company do you use? __________________________________________<p>In the past 10 years who was your favorite lawn service? ______________________or ___none<p>Are you getting a good value for the work performed? ___ Yes ___ No ___ Not Sure<p>How much are you charged for the service? $_________ Per Month / Visit (circle one)<p>The work is done every? ___ 7 days ___ 10 days ___ 14 days ___ Monthly ___On call<p>What does the service include? __Cut __Edge __ Weed Eat __ Blow-off __Pick up Trash<p>Does the service provide Fertilization? ___Yes ___No ___Not Sure<br>Do you feel they should? ___Yes ___No ___Not sure<p>Does the service provide yearly Dethatching and aeration? ___Yes ___No ___Not Sure <br>Do you feel they should? ___Yes ___No ___ Not sure.<p>Does your service provide weed and Pesticide spraying? ___Yes ___No ___ Not sure<br>Do you feel they should? ___Yes ___No ___Not sure.<p>Does service provide ant killer with service? ___Yes ___No ___Not Sure<br>Do you feel they should? ___Yes __No ___Not sure<p>Is there weeds and grass in the flowerbeds? ___Yes ___No<br>Would you like weeds removed from flowerbeds? ___Yes ___No __Don’t care<p>Does service provide Pine Straw when needed? ___Yes ___No ___Not Sure<p>Does service provide planting of flowers and shrubs as needed? ___Yes ___No ___ Not Sure<p>Is there little loose stones covering the parking lot? ___Yes ___No<br>Would you like the loose stones and sand cleaned up? ___Yes ___No ___Don’t care<p>Wouldn’t you prefer a Professnal lawn Maitance provide for the money spent on the lawn service? ____Yes __No ___Don’t Care<p>How happy are you with current lawn service? _______________________________<p>Would you consider switching to a lawn care company that provides a manicured cut, edge, trimming, parking lot blowing and other services that exceeds what is now being offered ___ Yes ___ No ___<p>If no how can we I earn your business? _________________________________________<p><p><p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: David Hartzog<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: David Hartzog<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: David Hartzog
WHY its worked great so far 5 new account at $2,378.00 per month whos crazy now?????

AB Lawn Care

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I think that could be a good idea but I would change it here and there.I think it needs to be a bit shorter.I actually think that may prove to be a help.It would let you know which propertys you want and which don't want you.<p>The one thing I would change is when you had would you like a manicured lawn bla bla bla....for the same or lower price.This will make them think you are cheap and I would not word it that way.If you are doing a better job than the other guys than you should be able to get more!<p>Thanks for the post!<p><p><p>Thanks for the idea!<p><p><br>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: AB Lawn Care


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Seymour Indiana
this may be a little silly but I thought it was a good a local fair guys wore putting buisness cards on veichles...think about it a lot of people visit fairs...I give the guy credit....

Acute Cut

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Great post in my opinion. I got my copy printed out and am going to edit some things that are of different importance here in my area. i.e. we dont have pine straw up here in the northwest. 2300$ (aprox) aint bad at all. Wish i could make that much in 5 jobs. WAIT! I can now!


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Dave H. I think its a good concept, but the form has a lot of flaws. Instead of making it sound like your focusing on the current company, focus on their needs and wants. Also, you may want to take a ride around the property and find a couple of things you could improve, landscape, etc, then throw those ideas in there. <p>Also, I really disagree with the last part about you could give all those services for the same price. Your going to get a bad rep unless you put up what you say you will!!<p>Example: I'm a 12 year old scrub with B&D mower and 2 extension cords. I mow the grass and thats it! Trim once in a while when my dad comes to help me (I'm not old enough to use it, dad really loves his mcchulloch!) I do the job for $20. You are going to add all your extras to it for the same price?? If you do, explain how you'll make any $$??? Maybe I just don't get it??<p><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti


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what you are doing is asking costomers who they use and what they pay you so you could undercut them. you say for the same price or how many of these new jobs that you got are lower than the outher company and if they are how do you know you are not going to loose your shirt.some companys can do a job for less than outhers and still make money. im not being a smart ass .just like every body to have the same odds at getting accounts and not having competitors ask costomers my prices and say they can do it cheeper it just sounds cheezy to me

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