PTO clip problem. Picture included. HELP!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by intrigue12, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. intrigue12

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    Hello, Thanks for taking a look. Heres the deal. I brought this mower in to the dealer to get a new hydro pump put on. While in there they had to put a new hydro belt on.

    In order to put the new belt on they had to remove the anchor that hold the PTO. Well they must not have tightened the anchor because it came loose on the first day of use. This caused the PTO to spin free and rip the wire out.

    In the picture you can see the the power wire is almost all gone. I tried to remove the clip but was unsuccessful. I figured I could just splice it back in but there isn't enough wire to work with.

    Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

    Ferris PTO pic.jpg
  2. Restrorob

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    Take it back to the hack that did the job and make THEM buy you a new clutch !!! :dizzy:
  3. intrigue12

    intrigue12 LawnSite Member
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    I know... I know.. But they had it for almost a month with the hydro pump. It was still under warranty or I would have just did it myself. I dont feel like dealing with them anymore unless I have too. Does the clip even come out of the pto? Or is in wired into it?
  4. fixer67

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    I only see ONE wire. A PTO clutch has to have TWO wires to work.

    They owe you a PTO clutch. Send this picture to the mower manufacturer. That shop will have done its last warranty for them.

    If by chance the PTO is working on only one wire (I have seen it happen) you had better stop using it or you will destroy the engine
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  5. intrigue12

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    Nope its not working with one wire. I tried to put it back to together to no avail. I just want to know if that wiring is built into the clutch or does that clip come out? If I can just get a small harness instead of dealing with them I will.

    Trust me I will be letting them know about there mistake but that doesnt change the fact that we NEED to get our work done daily.
  6. fixer67

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    The wires are made into the clutch on that style clutch. You may be able to remove the clutch and cut some of the plastic back so you can solder a wire in place. I have done that before but once you do that it may release the shop from having to deal with your or the problem they caused.
  7. piston slapper

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    That connection is molded into the clutch...
    Try this....strip and install a ring connector on the broken wire...
    Find a small wood screw and thread it directly into the middle of the broken wire in the molded connector..
    Once it is threaded...remove it and install it with the ring connector wire..
    Done a few of them...won't last forever..may make it a week or so..
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  8. intrigue12

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    Thanks. Its looking like im going to bring it to the dealer and hope they will replace it for free. You know they are gonna give me a hard time though!!!!
  9. ed2hess

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    I had one of these same clutch drop out of my sentar and tore the wires both off. I removed it and took it to the dealer who can solder stuff better than I can and we cut the plastic packing back so we could get to the wire. Soldered it in and put new goup that was similar to the plastic and it is in the unit and working today. Most dealer do this all the time
  10. R & R Yard Designs

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    Call ferris and them them what is going on and them them everything. Tell them you won't deal with that shop and you want to take it some where else. Trust me ferris will bend over backwards to make it right.
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