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I have a wright wsr 52 19kawe 31112. When you turn the key to the run position and pull the pto switch there is just a faint click and sometimes not one at all. The blades have been engaging but I can tell that their not as powerful as they should be. sometimes after I turn the blades off for a little and then try to turn them back on the pto won't engage. One time I got it to come on when it did that by wiggling the pto switch other times it has just started working again after awhile. I've the pto switch, clutch, relay, replaced the ignition switch, and have been checking the wires and connections. Haven't found anything so far. I had some wires in the harness get messed up and had to replace about four in. of it and connected the ends with wire nuts temporarily. i'm pretty sure I got it connected good. I've got 12.6v down to the clutch. And if I hook a jumper wire from the battery to the clutch it clicks on and off just fine. If any one can think of anything else that could be the problem let me know. Thanks


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Check the fuse & holder fer looseness, corrosion, etc. Check all yer grounds. Check ign. sw. & PTO sw. plugs.

Double-check yer splice job.