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    I know it belongs in the other thread but wanted info more specifically from those who are also in the 'construction' end of the industry and in this forum.

    PTO (Paid Time Off). How are you structured? I am putting something together, starting tonight.

    I'm looking at the freebee's........Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all as PTO. So I'm at 40hrs there.

    Additionally, 2hrs per week totalling out to 84hrs a year + 40 freebee's = 124hrs PTO. Seems fair to me, I'm just getting to the point I can afford/budget to offer something.

    What about the 'other' days such as the Friday after Thanksgiving? Do you pay out or have the employee burn PTO or work or? Typically, I like the idea of being closed 100%, except snow, Christmas - New Years. Adding that in I'm then looking at 164hrs PTO or 20.5 days. If it was a foreman that I like or just a really good employee I wouldn't hesitate but with my current situation I'm not willing to offer the 164hrs.

    How are you structured? How do different employees/positions rank?
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    No paid time off for Rusk employess yet. Come to think of it we worked on the 4th of July this year.

    At this time, with my current employees, i am not willing to offer pto. In the next year or two i am looking to hire a REAL foreman that can manage all aspects of six figure jobs. Now this guy is going to cost me a fortunate and will proably require loads of pto.
  3. AJ Lawnscapes

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    Man, that's alot of PTO. I get 3 weeks at the phone company. The give us like 11hrs a month, or 128 a year. Holidays, well, you're either scheduled, or not, up to the schedulers. One way or the other, you're working 5 days a week.

    The holidays, yes, I can see that, most every LCO I know tries not to work on them.

    The other, well, if you give a week for your guys that's being generous, then 2 after say 3 years of good quality service. You can adjust this once you become this big corporate entity with manager/laborers/sales folks etc.
  4. hoskm01

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    I wish I could give PTO...

    Good choice though...In my municipal job, I do wish that we did PTO rather than sick and vacation time. Much more flexible. Rewards those who dont get "sick" all the time.
  5. GroundScapesIncorporated

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    It greatly depends on what your particular employees respect and appreciate. I would first figure out approx what you want to spend as a thank you to your employees and then figure out how you want to spend it from there.
    The biggest reason I dont like your idea is because you have to treat all employees the same. And in our world all employees are not the same. So I think they should be compensated based on how much they give to you as an individual, in the form of bonuses and raises.

    Thats just me though.

    Good luck with whatever you decide, You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders, im sure it will work out for you.

  6. YardPro

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    we give off 8 holiday's paid
    memorial day
    labor day
    Christmas eve
    Christmas day
    New years

    we also give one week paid after one calender year of employment,
    two weeks after two years
    three weeks after 5 years.

    the "other" days can be paid off, but it uses vacation time.

    also we restrict vacation time.. it cannot be used between may1 and sept 1
  7. tthomass

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    The more I think on it its what I would use to entice a quality forum.

    You are 100% correct on treating equal......thats a joke. Before I'm corrected I mean it in that yes you can offer the same benefits without them being the same benefits.

    % bonus off of wages varies upon wage, yet the 'same' benefit is being awarded.

    I know of companies that also restict use of PTO or strongly discourage it during certain times of the year.

    I like the idea of offering PTO......not labeling it sick or vacation or personal time etc......its just PTO to be used as needed. Depending on that position the individual holds would also determine their amount of PTO.

    The other thing I like doing is offering a production bonus. In the past I have done this and found it useful to me and meaningful to my help.

    For example, say the project is a 5 day project. If finished in 4 days the foreman would get $100 and labor $50 so long as we finished in 4 days, without issue or complaints........cutting corners.

    On a larger scale say it is a 15 day project that is $150,000. Say you are netting 50% or $75,000. That is $25,000 per week net or $5,000 per day net.....(how nice would that be!). Now, say you offer a bonus for finishing, for simple math, 10 days and have another such job lined up. So, you offer $1,500 to the foreman and $500 to the labor......say it totals $3,000. Now you have netted an extra $25,000 finishing 5 days early and paid out $3,000 in bonuses, BUT remember, you have another such job lined up. Now you are netting $50,000 that week - $3,000 bonuses = $47,000 that week instead of $25,000........or just think of it as a $23,000 bonus for your business. I, oh so much, wish these numbers were real but for the sake of simple math I think you understand what I'm getting at. You can pay out a bonus and still make more money then budgeted while at the same time keeping moral high and your pockets fat.

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