Puddles and water setling in the middle of my front lawn...

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by lawn00b, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. lawn00b

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    Hi all I found your guys informative site thru G and I thought maybe I could get some lawn advice here.

    We moved into a new house in NOv' 07' and the lawn seemed nice an flat with good edges for draining but I live in St. Louis and the whole winter we've been pounded by rain and snow with major flooding even in the last few weeks. Our yard has take its toll this winter and now puddles are settling in what seems to be a downspout in the middle of the yard. I took these 2 pictures this evening to show the exact problem:



    Anwyays, I was wondering what i can do to solve this problem? I read the forum a little and I've seen suggestions from using aroller, drilling holes and filling with sand when the puddles form, or even regrading the whole yard. Since I'm a lawn noobie I'd like your guys advice.

    This is also causing another problem... Our driveway is to the right of these puddles and the downspout with the soggy soil is causing our driveway to dip and concrete be pushed down further in the soil when the weight of the car goes over it.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. IN2MOWN

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    It looks like it slopes down after the light post. Can you run some underground drain lines over to there and let the water go out over there?
  3. thefed

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    i've heard you can dig 4" holes with the posthole digger, fill with rocks, then top with soiland seed.....dig a bunch in that area and cross your fingers!

    anyone know if this really works....ive never had an opportunity to try it
  4. Capemay Eagle

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    I would call the builder. I would imagine that he is still responsible. I would just think that this would be a grading and drainage issue.
  5. Capemay Eagle

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    I know years ago in my old neighborhood growing up that some of the neighbors put in stone drainfeilds for water run off from the house. They did this on a bigger scale, but it is the same principle that you have suggested
  6. mverick

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    Get you builder back to fix the problem.

    If your drive is sinking when you drive over it, they didn't put Rock under it before they poured it. It's going to be cracked with heaving.

    You're water needs re routed. You basicly have a ditch in your front yard now.

    Have your builder fix it.

    If not, pm me. I'm in St. Louis area and I can fix it. But, it's not a cheap fix for drainage problems. The concrete drive needs to be pulled out by the builder and done right. Or you can pay for a new driveway.
  7. lawn00b

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    Great this is what I didn't hope for. Our builder's service manager is full of more excuses than a crook caught redhanded. We have a 6-month service meeting in May which I will bring it up then. My question is should I get on his a$$ now about it or will waiting a month be alright?

    In the meantime I willing try drilling some holes and filling with topsoil and try to roll the top of the ditch... is there anything else I can easily do for a temporary fix for this problem because I know even when we get on him it will take them about 4 excuses and a nice chunk of time to get anything done...
  8. mverick

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    I'd get him to fix the drainage now. Get some people in for bids to fix the problem now yourself and pay them for there bid. That way, in summer when there isn't a water problem, he can't say it's fixed. You have Professional documentation regarding the problem.

    Home owners never want to destroy there yard to fix the problem. But, it will be there for 50 years or until you fix it.

    I wouldn't touch anything. No drilling or rolling or anything. It isn't going to fix it anyway.

    Get bids, and then submit them to the builder and ask him if you are going to court to fix it or is he going to fix it.

    Then, He'll know your serious and he'll Fix it.

    Fixing your drainage is around $3000 and up without looking at anything else. Driveway Tear out and replace is anywhere from $6500 to $12,000. Depending on if it's stamped and colored and how long it is. I just poured one for $15,000. But, it's pretty. LOL

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