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Puff of white smoke


LawnSite Bronze Member

Our 19 HP kawasaki for some reason when it sits for a period of time after running for say an hour will let out a big puff of white smoke. What would cause this? Is this harming anything? Possibly because I use 10w30 instead of 30 wt?



LawnSite Senior Member
My 17hp on Jd Lawn tractor did same thing from the beginning. Bought unit in spring of 2000. Dealer said at the time if engine stopped in a certain position a little oil would leak into exhaust and cause smoking. As time passed it ceased doing this. Engine currently has about 450hours and runs strong, and burns no oil.


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South Beloit, IL
Why not switch to a high quality SAE 30 oil if you aren't already running synthetic? We haven't had any smoking issues with out 19 and 21 Kawasaki engines so far. We only run SAE 30 OPTI-4 oil in our Kawi and Briggs engines. We always go by the heaviest manufacturer recomendation for summer use.

Your trailer doesn't sit at an angle does it? If you have the mower parked nose-first on the trailer and it is up-hill, the engine usually faces valves towards the rear, this would allow some hot oil to sneak past the rings while the engine cools then get pushed into the exhaust upon initial start-up. Try parking it the other direction if this is the case.

Be glad that your engine is self-lubricating the muffler bearings, otherwise you need a left-handed wrench and some bear-grease to make them last.

Best hours so far was 3640 on a 20HP Kohler Command, 3400 on a 22HP Briggs Vanguard and around 3500 on a 19HP Kawasaki twin.

Regular oil changes with new oil filters every 50 hours. New engines get a oil and filter change at 5, 25 then the 50 hour intervals.

We also replace all of our air filters regularly but have fitted all of our equipment with Donaldson-style filters wherever possible.

We are experimenting with adding dual-pass oil coolers to our engines. Adds an extra 15-20 ounces of oil to the system and gives us more consistent oil / engine temperatures on mowers and compressors.