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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by South Florida Lawns, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. South Florida Lawns

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    Thinking about pulling a 5x10 atv trailer behind a 25' travel trailer, with my 05 dodge cummins, anybody ever do this? It's legal in my state and both trailers have brakes. I would be well under my trucks weight cap too.
    Just not sure if there will be any sway at 75-80, might get one of those sway bars for back trailer.
  2. KrayzKajun

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    I've got a buddy that does that atleast once a month.
    He actually puts his 4wheeler in bed of the truck, pulls a 30' bumperpull camper and has a small trailer behind the camper with his golf cart on it.
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  3. ducnut

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    The only requirement I can think of, in some states, is the lead trailer must be a 5th wheel. That type of coupler can withstand the extra pulling forces of the second trailer. And, being the lead trailer is a 5th wheel trailer, it doesn't sway or whip like a bumper pull does, which provides more stability for the second trailer.

    I've seen your proposed type of setup, rolling all around the country, and have never seen the second trailer swaying. I think in your case, the length of the first trailer calms what the second trailer will "see". Having pulled semi-doubles, in pup configuration (2X28'), the second trailer definitely "whips" more than one would expect. But, I think that's because the lead trailer is so short, in semi terms, and instantly transfers any input from the tractor into the second trailer. In turnpike setups where the lead trailer is 48' and the second is 28', I've never seen the second trailer sway. I doubt you'll have any sway issues, either.
  4. Outlawn

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    I agree. Having a short trailer out back shouldn't be an issue at all. It'll follow right behind the one in front of it.
    You have a 5x10 with brakes?
  5. easy-lift guy

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    Call the FDOT for a final opinion. Personally pulling either a 32' or 36' trailer with my F-350 x 460 or the F-350 dullie with the V-10 I have never had any issues. Of course I would never travel at speeds of 75-80 MPH, usually 50 to 55 due to the weight and stopping distance required. With season rapidly approaching I would not consider even on a good day the configuration you are considering. To many folks in a hurry and even more not paying attention.
    easy-lift guy
  6. South Florida Lawns

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    Great info hear guys! Thanks for the input. I'm not sure why I typed 75-80 lol we'd be around 65 maybe 70!
  7. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I have pulled 3 bumper hitch trailers at one time I was hauling 140 bales of straw on each trailer and end trailer was my FNN straw Blower
    A lot heads turned when I was pulling it
  8. elbow300

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    I have pulled in this configuration and I've gotta say, if you hit 70 mph, you've got more huevos than me! I think the critical step is to load the trailers correctly with the appropriate tongue weight ratios, and to make absolutely sure the second trailer isn't heavier than the first. Good luck! It's gonna be a show!
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  9. unkownfl

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    Commercial can tow doubles but recreational can't in Floirda sorry about your luck. You pretty much can't do it up the whole east coast.
  10. Junior M

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    My uncle in Ohio wanted to pull his camper and utility trailer at the same time, if I remember right the biggest stipulation was his over-all length had to be under a certain amount.
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