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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Kenny Snyder, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Kenny Snyder

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    I am considering getting a pull-behind sprayer (25-50 gal) to use solely for herbicide applications as an upgrade to my current spot-spraying method of weed control. I've searched but there doesn't seem to be much information out there about them. I was hoping that some of you folks that use them might comment as to your likes and dislikes and maybe even suggest a brand and/or model. I appreciate your input. (For the record, I am a licensed applicator in NC.)
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  3. Jason Rose

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    Funny this comes up, I was just brain storming today. I have a 25 gallon tow behind fimco sprayer, I have tried a dozen different ways to mount the thing ON a mower and it's just too heavy when filled to put anywhere on the mower. I want the spray boom in front so I can have the best control of where the spray is going.

    Today I reassembled the tank back onto it's trailer but realized fast (again) that trying to pull a trailer and maneuver in anywhere tight with a ZTR sucks!!! Not to mention that my boom is only a 2 nozzle, AND I put some water in the sprayer and it worked fine (unit is about 6 years old but has been used very little) Ran and sprayed perfect for a couple minutes. I shut it off for a couple minutes, flipped it back on and the pump runs but won't pump anything! I tried priming it with a hose (forcing water thru it) and everything. What a bum deal...

    Many of the properties I have are large, some are too big for my 300' hose reel. I need to get a sprayer that I can ride on and spray, but cheap...

    My thought on the trailer sprayer was to put swivel casters (large pneumatic type) on the trailer and affix it to the back of the ztr in a manner that it could piviot up and down but not side to side, allowing me to make turns easier. After a little thought I realized it would need a ton of reinforcing to make it handle the forces of turning and hitting bumps and hills. I'm not an engineer OR a machinest so I don't see this project seeing the light of day. And now that I have a dead pump and a insufficient boom I'm calling the idea dead.

    I believe that JRCO makes a ZTR sprayer set up like I was trying to design, I haven't researched it yet, will in a few minutes. I'm OUT of funds so buying ANY sprayer is out this year i'm afraid.


    Oh man! I want one!!! I wish they had msrp prices or something listed... I'm betting those are $1,200 or so? anyone have any ideas?
  4. HiTECH

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    I just ordered a JRCO sprayer i paid 2,400 for it. I really like how they mount looks like it makes backing up easy.
  5. gqnine44

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    Yeah I am trying to decide what to buy too. The JRCO machine is nice but $2400 is kinda pricy especially since my mowers need to be mowing and not spraying. I really want a z-spray or something like that but I need some more turf to justify it. I am leaning toward a fimco for now due to its low price.

    On a side note: Is it ever acceptable to fill a tank (z-spray, fimco, or other) with a customers hose? Is there sometype of portable backflow device?
  6. The mayor

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    On a side note: Is it ever acceptable to fill a tank (z-spray, fimco, or other) with a customers hose? Is there sometype of portable backflow device?[/QUOTE]
    No, Not sure on your location but is most likely against the law.
  7. hmartin

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    What size ZRT do you have? I have a 25 gallon tank on a JD 757 with a 10 foot boom that I can mount in back or front. Another guy in my town has a JD 757 with a 25 gallon tank in back and a 15 gallon tank in front.
  8. Jason Rose

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    It's a Dixon ZTR. They are pretty light weight! I tried and tried to mount it on the back above the engine but it was too much weight in back and even with 15 gallons in it any rise at all would make it wheelie up! I even threw a 50 pound bag of fertilizer on the front for ballast and that didn't even help much. There's no place at all on the front to mount it either.

    Iv'e basically given up. Now my pump has quit, well it RUNS, just dosn't PUMP. Iv'e tried every feasable way I can think of and nothing works. Pulling it as a trailer, as it was intended to be, is NOT cool. almost imposible to get the spray where you want it when the boom is trailing 10 feet bhhind you. Plus trying to jockey it anywhere is mind numbing.

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