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pull plows

tru cut

LawnSite Member
what is the best way to use a pull plow.i am new to plowing this year and was thinking of get a pull plow mostly for my res.do thay save time if so how much?whats the bust way to us them. do you back up to the garage door and pull it to the road then plow into shoulder?whats the best kind?all of my res. are dead ends and very tight Im looking to speed up production and do a better job,thanks


LawnSite Bronze Member
In our comminuty, almost everybody has front/rear plows. I really can't imagine having to plow without one. <p>For most residential drives, you pull the snow to the approach and then push it up on the side. The technique varries based on width/approach angle and mailbox location, but you get the idea.<p>Save time? My own rear plow is 14.4' wide and I don't think you could do more than half my route (in the same time) with a front plow only.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I got my fist pull plow last year. I was one of the first people to buy one. It has saved so much time at condos, where there are 50+ drives streight into the garage. Over the summer i built a second pull plow, they are not that hard to build. For more info building a pull plow check out custom built equipment discussion. If you are doing a lot of high end residental, where the people want their property clear, this is where we often shovel because the money is there. Only if you are buying the pull plow just to try to speed up your root, i wouldn't buy it this year. Only i will say when doing residental it is really helpfull, just remember with a pull plow you can't have a sander, and with a sander you can have a pull plow. Their is one company that builds a pull plow for a tailgate spreader, but i don't think you can have a v-box.<p>Geoff


LawnSite Bronze Member
Yes, it does fold down to 8' hydraulically. It goes from 8' to 14.4' in 3 seconds. You can have it any width in between.