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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Johnson, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Johnson

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    I have an older 48" Exmark walk behind. Being as it is older, It only has a pull start. The problem I am having is that sometimes it almost rips my hand off when starting it. It rips the handle right out of my hand. I have been told to pull the rope slowly to turn over the engine , then pull to start it. I just spent over $300 in repairs including a tune up. It just seems dangerous. Anyone know what the problem could be or what I can do to keep from getting my fingers ripped off trying to start this thing?


    Dan Johnson
  2. Clean Cut Lawns

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    what kind of oil are you using? if a SAE 30 you might want to switch to a 10W30, that might make it easier to pull and start better.
  3. Johnson

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    Well I just had a complete tune up done on it. I am not sure what kind of oil they used but they are an authorized Exmark dealer and service department.
  4. argulator

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    Dan, you're sorta correct about what you heard. You want to initially pull slowly on the rope until you feel the piston pass the compression stroke. It will be hard to pull past this point. As soon as you get past it, lower the rope and give it a good pull. It should then pull pretty easily. Do this for every attempt to start. Should keep your shoulder in the socket.
  5. weedwoop

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    I think I know what your talking about. I have a TThp and it has done the same thing since day one. I think what happens is, when the engine fires but doesn,t start it kicks backwards yanking the cord back in. Usually, with me, if the engine starts, it don,t yank the rope. I usually use both hands and ware gloves.
  6. Johnson

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    Since posting this, I have spoken with Kawasaki and My local Exmark service department (which by the way is now in possession of my mower). What I have head is that it is most likely a problem with the compression release or the valves need adjusted. I will see what happens when they get it pulled apart. I will post an update at that ppoint just in case this happens to someone else in the future. Thanks for the replies.

  7. eXmark

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    Sorry for the delay. Your dealer is correct. The most common cause for what your describing is with the compression release. Once in a while I've seen this one get missed when trouble shooting. I suspect your in good hands and they'll have it back to you in good shape.



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