Pulled out the welder on Sunday

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by macgyver_GA, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Yup there is. You just need to make sure you get the actual packet of papers. It includes all kinds of coupons. If they tell you that you can do it online, tell them you would like the packet anyway.
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    It's good. I think I'm on my 4th year with it now. All I've done is clean the air filter occassionally. This is only a part time gig (17 accounts now) so it gets maybe 1-2 hours of use per week right now. Obviously gets more use in the fall with leaves.

    I don't think I'm following you on the flat stock thing? :confused:

    Most of the weight is actually on the fender and the top rail of the trailer. It's not actually hanging from the hook for the handle. The hook at the top is mainly just a "stay" to keep the blower from falling off. You have to slide the blower onto the hook at a slight angle.

    That's a good idea for a hoop for the wand. I just threw another bungee on there to hold the wand for now.
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    It's true...
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    In the first pick look to be a flat piece of metal (flat stock ) and in the 2nd pic that were I thought to add some gussets so when you strapped it would help. And was thinking what about just putting a hose clamp to hold the wand....

    But from how your saying most of the weight is on the fender didn't want to see your good and $ equipment fall off..Like I said before thank you. You gave me some good ideas to build one..


  5. macgyver_GA

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    Ohhh... gotcha! That's actually the leftover piece of square stock I cut off.

    The gussets aren't a bad idea. I did weld it top, bottom, and sides though so it's pretty sturdy.

    Good luck on yours. My next project is probably to weld a raised rack for the gas cans. Right now, I just used some 2x4's to section off the gas cans to keep them from sliding around, then I just run some bungees through the handles to hold them down when I'm on the road.
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    I picked one up Today. My 770T got stolen and I don't have the money for a new one so I got the 500T.

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    so i went to lowes with my discount in hand. still leaning towards the 130BT so i can still fund a couple tires soon.

    upon arriving, i find lowes has the 130BT on sale for $208 (5% off). the coupon is no good with any other discounts.... ok, well i still need it, let's go...

    DAMN !!! they are sold out and i drove 25 mins to get it :mad:

    i talk to a salesperson. he checks, says there are two in the store. we can't find them. i ask about the floor model. he says sure if we can find the parts... :laugh:

    that wasn't happening. the salesperson tried contacting someone from the seasonal dept and got some "fill in" who knew less than he did. well the salesman looks at me, points at the 150BT box and says 'get that, i'll sell it to you for the 130BT price'....

    WOOHOO !!!!! out the door for $225 !!!!!!

    CAN'T BEAT THAT !!!!:cool2: :clapping: :dancing:
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    I got my husqvarna back pack blower130 from there for $175 w/o a discount so you should get a better price..
  10. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Nice rack, lol. I miss having my backpack blower on the trailer. But I had to replace my plastics on my blower because my rack broke it over the past few years. Good luck, looks like a simple yet effective design you've got yourself

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