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pulled the trigger and bought a Walker

shade tree landscaping

LawnSite Senior Member
Well i finally pulled the trigger and bought a Walker Model B with a 42 in deck and what a machine it is! It is un belivable fast, and even at top speed still cuts very nice! Now the bad part, within 3 hours of buying it, mowing my first lawn with it, I hit a large stone and bent one of the blades :cry: :hammerhead: ! Although my dealer took care of me I hope its not a sign on things to come with this new machine.


LawnSite Fanatic
Walker are nice machine but ....not going to take hitting a lot of stuff on the blades like a scag can....but I guess they have an improved gear box that can be gotten as an upgrade....I would get it!

edward hedrick

LawnSite Senior Member
Looks like we will have to compare notes. I bought an 06 B w 48deck. I also

have a 01 MT-20. Having trouble with deck weight. Should have 25# on both sides. I have 40 on the right and 25 on left. I like the small size and light weight. I'm trying to ride an 8 mph machine on 3 mph lawns. It needs a better

seat. Looking at Toro seat about !00. I liked it on the Exmark Navigator. Ed


LawnSite Member
Hey that's funny. I was going to post a similiar thread. I guess you beat me to it. I also pulled the trigger and bought a walker yesterday. I got a 2007 MT23-GHS. Dont feel so bad about bending your blades, on the first property I mowed yesterday the lawn was over a foot tall. I had never mowed the property before and did not notice that on one side of the yard it had a small drop. I was mowing along the cedar fence when the mower kinda dropped and slid sideways and got wedged against the fence. I tried to get myself un stuck and ended up having the 9.5 bushell hopper take out a fence panel. I had to call the dealer and he came in like 20 minutes to rescue me and help get the walker unstuck. Luckily their was no damage to the walker and the fence panel only needed a minor repair to put back together.
The first picture below is of the walker on my little front lawn after picking it up. The second picture is the tall grass I cut. I was impressed buy the stripes it left on the foot tall grass after only one pass. In the background is the fence panel I took out. As you can see from the stripes I am still learning how to drive this thing straight. HAHAHA



LawnSite Silver Member
Southern WI
Yeah I agree there. I can't remember the last time I cut in a racetrack pattern.

Then again he said the grass was a foot tall, maybe that's why he cut it like that, I dunno.

Hard to tell from those pics, is that thing a fixed deck, I don't see any anti scalp rollers. Looks pretty similar to exmark's navigator though.


LawnSite Member
I cut in a circle pattern becuase it is the first job I have done with a zero-turn. I am just so used to using a lawn tractor and going in circles. The funny thing is that when I demoed the machine, that was the first thing the dealer noticed. He said your doing what most people do the first time they use a zero turn. I just have to remember that I no longer have to go around in circles. I figure it will take a week or so to get used to, and to change my ways.


LawnSite Senior Member
Barrigada, Guam
Also bought a 'B' but with a 42" mulching deck. The heavy duty gearboxes are an improvement over the older standard boxes. I also 'found' a rebar hidden in the grass that took a bite out of one blade. I had brought spare blades and the keps bolts and nuts to the job site and was able to keep on with the job. A nice 5 acre church campus that was mowed and trimmed inside of 4 hours. I do enjoy using this walker.

Al Eli
Guam landscape contractor