Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. lawnsaspire

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    i find it hilarious how no one could take my joke about why the other thread was shut down. in reality toro is out soley for the almighty dollar like all of these other companies.
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  2. Exact Rototilling

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    Please post some pics of the low lifts.... PN# is good as well....3 different angles.

    I have been exclusively using the higher lift Exmark/Toro blades on my TimeMaster 30. :drinkup:
  3. Utah Lawn Care

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    I am fairly new in the industry. Will you please explain why low lift blades are necessary with the mulch kit? I ordered the mulch kit this morning for my Exmark 30. Do they help cut the grass up better?
  4. Valk

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    Hi-lift blades create more vacuum that is most useful for bagging or side-discharging cuz there's a place for the added moving air to go. In mulch mode with higher-lift blades you may end up with added blowout since the moving air has NO place to go.
  5. NjProLawnCare

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    Can you make a YouTube video on the mower?
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  6. kennymo81

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    Ive just finished my second week using the Exmark 30. Ill start out with the positives, It leaves a nice cut, is fuel efficient, is built like a tank, and seems to handle the hilly terrain well. The negatives, it will not mulch at all in any kind of growth. My 21 inch mowers mulch way better. I have been forced to side discharge or bag with any kind of growth. The side discharge clipping dispersal is actually not that bad, does not clump up. The bagging is average, the blades definitely need more lift. I would not invest in the mulch kit because you will not be mulching very much with this mower unless you are doing weekly cuts in dry weather. The bail design makes my hands get tired easily. I am kind of wishing that I bought two of the Toro homeowner models instead of one of the commercial Exmark models as they are lighter (this thing is a beast), have a little more horsepower, and the personal pace would be easier on my hands.
  7. weesa20

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    my hands got tired too when i first bough it- part of the problem was that the bail needed to be adjusted to fit my hands- the pace that was comfortable for me was pretty much at my finger tips- i adjusted it am now much happier.
  8. Jason Rose

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    I've been running mine for the past few weeks and love it. In the fescue we have it stripes very nice! I don't typically mulch but tried it out and it does bog down a lot in thick turf. No big surprise though since it was also cutting at 2.5" have mowed in dewy wet grass and today in rain soaked grass and it does excellent bagging. Deck does pack up, but so does every mower. Cut was still excellent though and was still bagging fine. It's a workout i can tell ya, just because of the speed. It's faster than using the 36" walker i was using for back yards, tough i do miss the sitting on my butt, but the lighter weight and no turf damage makes the walking worth it. Overall I'm happy with my exmark 30.
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  9. 944own

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    Lets see them stripes.
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  10. 944own

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    Ill try sometime we have been working till dark.maybe can this weekend.
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