Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

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    The same thing was said when they first brought out the Metro 26" in 2005. I was one of the first people to buy it and there were so many mechanical issues with it that first year. It had to go back to my dealer 8 times in 6 months. 5 times, he had to fix the issue and 3 times, Exmark sent update kits but it never made much of a difference along with the fact that the machine was terrible. I was tempted to purchase a 30" this year but after my experience with the 26", I decided to wait a year or two and instead went with an Exmark 21" based on some very generous advice from people on this site. My question to toro and exmark would be if they can't find a fix for this transmission issue, who's going to compensate the owners for their investment? The only thing I got from them for my Metro 26" was a trade in for a 21" Metro back in 2006, the following year.
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    Kevin R, you might be right - it might be just that simple although there is no way in hell you will roll that into the dealership and be walking out 60 minutes later with a new transmission installed and ready to go. From my experience a machine with a bunch of recalls and a bunch of fix kits is never as solid as a machine that was built right, new from the factory. Also, all of that down time and hauling it back to the dealer over and over for the next sure-fire fix gets expensive and frustrating too. They should be paying you guys to do the testing of these machines for them. Obviously they sent it out way premature and now their customers are paying the price while they continue to try and slap band-aids on it.

    I hope it works out for you though. It sucks big time to be relying on something brand new that is constantly having problems. Best of luck.

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    You guys are starting to scare me, LOL, I've had my mower about 2 months and have used it almost exclusively and it has worked great and I haven't had any problems yet, knock on wood, but if the time comes I do, I'll have it fixed and hope for the best, I love this mower and the cut quality is excellent.... :)
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    I wouldn't fret about one person having a problem and them doing a service bulletin. Was the same with the 26 and every one bailed and went back to the 21. That gave me home field advantage. As said before this is not the only mower you need on your trailer, it is a niche mower.

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    I'll keep you posted, but I'll

    bet you any money that I'm out of there in an hr with a new tranny ready to go no problem. Have you looked to se whats involved to change it? It's not very difficult.

    A bunch of recalls!, there has one thing, the tranny, and that one thing Exmark doesn't build.

    Way premature, Obviously you haven't looked at this mower very close. Everything on it but the tranny isn't new to Exmark, they have used it before and know it works.

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    You're right, I haven't looked at it too close. I'm interested and I've been following this thread and although I had some hesitation I went in to my dealership and I was considering picking one up. BUT, after talking to the main sales guy at a large dealership, even he said he would wait until they get more of the bugs worked out. Having said that, I was looking at the Toro not the Exmark so maybe some of the issues don't apply. I'm certainly not trying to dog the machine, I love the concept. I'm just saying there seems to be some legitimate concerns and I'd like to see how things work out prior to spending the money.

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    Yea there's those guys that like to run with the big dogs and those that just prefer for whatever reason to stay on the porch.....
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    How about some more pictures of the mower with and without the bagger, as well as cut quality pictures? If I get one, I think I'll pit my big league striper on the back. The Exmark 30 that is.
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    They got the new trany installed. Picking my mower up from dealer today.

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