Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

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    I would not disagree with any of this. I just have a few customers that don't want the bigger WB on their yard, and some are just to wet and soft during the spring to get my 36 or 44 on them. So yes to me it is a niche mower.
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    it really comes down to what types of lawns you mow, and what sizes the yards are. For me, this exmark has improved efficiency on most of my lawns. I like the exmark 30 because I can mow from 1.5 inches to over 4 with a simple wheel adjustment (cant do that quickly on a fixed deck walk behind, and I can switch from mulch to bag easily from yard to yard. While a walk behind can have a bag, the rear bag option on the exmark just makes things a bit more easy to use in tight spots.

    Niche mower maybe, but for me, its my primary mower this year and my back up is the Honda hrc. Now, if I get a few larger yards, ill be getting my ztr going and using that. All these comparisons are only relevant to the types and sizes of lawns you mow. So anyone interested in one of these mowers must evaluate ALL our postings on these mowers, and decide if its for them.

    Good luck...
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    Agreed about having a rear bagger being VERY versatile.

    Over the Winter of '08-'09 I took advantage of BOPs Christmas 30% off sale and got my (2nd) Q32 single hydro delivered to my door............for about $1800. Am pretty sure that price included the purchase of spare parts. Am recalling the mower may have been just a hair over ~$1600 if memory serves.
    At ~340lbs running on dune buggy tires (16x6.5x8), well, it just hardly ever ruts.

    I'm still mystified that BOP was not purchased by someone out there. I'll be running my (2) Q32s into the ground...and praying there's some kind of replacement out there when they do give up their ghost.

    I am intrigued by these Toro/ExMark 30s. I'd have to see the QOC and clipping dispersal while side-discharging in lush Spring grass before I'd pull the trigger. Still thinking a slight bump up in power, or at least optional higher power would prove useful...especially for you mulchers out there.
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    I have the same concern about the qoc while side discharging heavy growth with these 30" toros and exmarks. When I bought my new grandstand a few weeks ago the dealer offered me a steal of deal on the turfmaster. I declined, I just dont have enough info at this time.
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    What I do with the TimeMaster is pitch the deck up a notch on the back and side discharge what would no doubt clog if I was to bag.

    The Toro/Exmark commercial blades do in fact throw clippings a bit further than last years lower lift TimeMaster blades.

    The HUGE advantage of side discharge with the TimeMaster vs say a BOP mower is the clippings are NOT thrown 6-12 feet off into the distance and they tend to not be as juiced.
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    I agree. I wish BOP was back in action. In many ways my Quick 36 is my most reliable mower. Only problems I've had in over 700 hrs of use is had to change spindle bearings and a broken deck belt. I don't ever even have to adjust the speed! The customer service was always so good with them also. The only thing is the deck will get exremely clogged on fertilized lines right now. I've learned to grin and bear it. THe deck on my scag gets clogged to. If BOP did come back somehow or was bought by someone, I wonder if they would follow suite with these other companies by making a wide area mower with a rear bagger? I bet they could make something that would blow the Toro/Exmark 30 out of the water. And I'd be first and line to purchase.
  7. Exact Rototilling

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    In all honesty for my purposes I'm fairly content with the TimeMaster 30 Consumer model.

    Electric start for shear speed and that fold up handle rocks for saving space on the trailer.

    The small gas tank is a serious pita as is the same tank size on my Lawn Solutions aerator that also has the same basic engine.
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    I pulled the trigger on the Exmark 30 and wanted to share my first few hours of experience with it, this won't take long:
    1) It’s very heavy to maneuver in tight areas
    2) The transmission went out after only two hours of use
    3) Did I mention its very heavy?
    Like someone has already mentioned on this thread, my advice would be not to buy this or any machine in its first year, if you can help it.
    Have a great day, be safe and God bless!
  9. Exact Rototilling

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    The heavier factor at 35-37# pounds more than the TimeMaster 30 is very significant.

    Not to mention the fold up handle and electric start for shear speed.
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    I keep forgetting ....the fold up handle also is extremely handy the be able to trim under low branches....
    ....since it fold down to garden gnome stature....
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