Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

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    That is part of the frustration with this issue. The vendor is not able to narrow the list of transmissions that may fail. If the transmission is destined to fail, it is failing extremely quickly. (Usually within the first 5 hours of use.) The failure rate (from a % standpoint) is not high enough that everyone in all parts of the country will see it. However, the failure rate is high enough that it does not meet Exmark’s standards or expectations nor those of the customers.
    For customers who are using them and have more than 20 hours of use, they probably do not have a transmission with issues. BUT, just to be sure, we are going to extend the warranty on the transmission portion of the units until 2 years from date of purchase.
    If customers have any concerns or questions about their machine, they are always welcome to contact us directly.
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    Toro 30 and exmark 30 use different trannies per exmark web page.
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    my replaced one is starting to make a scraping sound.
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    It's good that you showed up on here after what seemed like complaint after complaint was made about the machine. I think the main source of frustration lies in the fact that Exmark/Toro's equipment is overpriced to begin with, and when we purchase something that costs such an incredible amount we feel like not only should we be compensated for the bad part (which it is under warranty), but also for the extra time and expense it takes from those that rely on these machines as an income provider. At that point it doesn't really matter who was the source of the bad transmission, it becomes Exmarks priority to make it right. At least that's how I would feel if I would have purchased one that went down.:nono::nono:
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    If you are experiencing issues with either a new unit or a unit where the transmission has been replaced OR if you simply have any questions or concerns about your machine, the BEST place to start is to contact your dealer. You are also welcome to call us directly.
    Our hours from April through September are 6:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. October through March the hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. (All times are Central Time Zone) Our phone number for Customer or Technical Service is 402-223-6375 or you can send your email questions to service@exmark.com.
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    It's good to see you posted this. I'm very happy to see the extended warranty on the transmission.
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    As we stated before, if it doesn’t fail within the first few hours it is probably not subpar. However, Exmark will be extending the warranty on the transmission portion of the unit until 2 years from date of purchase. We will not change transmissions until it fails. That is a little like going to the dentist and asking him to drill a tooth and put in a filling just in case you get a cavity. :) Rest assured, if that transmission fails within that two year period we will take care of it.
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    This kills me, People will buy and pay $30 -$50,000 or more for a car or truck.(they use for work everyday) Then get a recall notice for a faulty part (under warrenty), probably a part that wasn't even made by the vehicle manufacture. They will drop the vehicle off at the dealer for a day (or more) to be fixed and think nothing of it nor ask the dealer or manufacture for "compensation" for the bad part (under warrenty) or day without a vehicle that they lost time and "income" for.

    Now you have a piece of equipment that cost $17-$2000 with a faulty part and the manufacture is doing ALL they can to get this problem resolved PLUS giving us one full yr of extra warrenty. Mmmm, I don't see vehicle manufacturers jumping to do that and we pay a TON more $$ for them.
    Besides that, most of us probably have another mower around that we can make due with if we have to until the problem is resolved (unlike another tuck sitting around)

    I have been in contact with Exmark a couple of times and got the full story of what the problem is, I think they are handling this problem just fine.

    My 2 cents worth.

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    There is lots of good factual information in this thread, real life experiences. But this is a highly subjective statement. The writer is free to have an opinion, but the market pressures and historical success say otherwise.
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    I have only used mine for a week now and LOVE it, it is the best trim mower I have owned in 20 years in the business, here in Colorado we have Kentucky Blue Grass which is super thick and this mower mulches it like a champ, also if you want to bag the grass it will pack the bag completely full, a truly awesome mower and now that Exmark is giving 2 years on the tranny Im going to buy 4 more for my other crews

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