Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. kennymo81

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    If your tranny is slipping your probably not using the right oil. You need an oil that is wet clutch compatible. Maybe some of these people with tranny problems are using the wrong oil and blaming the resulting tranny problems on Exmark. I have not had any tranny problems at all. One question, has anyone found a website online where you can order the blades for the Exmark 30? My dealer seems to be jacking up the prices on blades.
  2. b121774

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    I didn't know you could fill them with oil. Thought they were sealed.
  3. Strapper92880

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    Commercial mower ? I think not. Toro has started to show who owns Exmark in some of the latest mowers and equipment they are producing. I sold Exmark since the year they started making mowers, now I am not selling the stuff they produce. Too bad, Toro and Exmark really go together now with some of the dogs they make. Too bad... so sad..... Home owner equipment at commercial prices.
  4. sildoc

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    Wow, Have seen your posts and all you do is put every mower down. Taking your thoughts with a grain of salt!!!
  5. KV9064

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    Whats your honest mower recommendation ??? :usflag:
  6. lawnsaspire

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    how is your turfmaster holdin g up sildoc? how many hrs? still a slapping noise? did you buy more than one?
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  7. sildoc

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    Running good, still hate the slapping noise but getting more and more used to hearing it. Haven't bought another yet, was holding off until we put it through more tests. Probably have roughly 200 or more hrs on it now and still leaves a great cut, unless it is really wet. Still the guys goto mower, unless it has rained, was waiting for the newness to wear off but looks like it is a keeper.

    Will purchase another one in the next couple months, just making sure this transmission thing in the exmark gets taken care of as I like their controls much better than the turfmaster.
  8. Exact Rototilling

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    Any chance of a home owner TimeMaster 30 purchase instead of another Turf Master....? Tiny tank just like the LS Aerator and personal pace lacks on steepish inclines. Other than that....? 37+ pounds lighter...and the list goes on IMHO.
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  9. sildoc

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    If it were myself only I would probably go this route. I do not like the plastic front end. Seems like we would be replacing wheels all the time with the way they get stored on the trailer, curbs and so on. That and I am not really happy with the briggs on the LS would rather have a honda or a kawi.
  10. lawnsaspire

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    would you agree sildoc that the kawi engine could easily last 10 times longer than briggs? i don't know why everyone keeps saying same mower.
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