Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

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    My throttle cable broke and they replaced it for free. My mower doesn't go up hills as well as it did new. It could be lighter. It could have a more powerful engine. Those are all the negative things I can think of. Over all it is a great mower. I have enjoyed it a lot. I have mowed 20 lawns each week with it for 3+ months so far. I mulch almost all the time and it does a good job. When one bags it fills the bag up really tight at nice. It fits through 95% of gates where I live. I have the mulching kit, and frankly I can't tell a difference between using it and using just the standard plug. I mow solo and can mow 15 lawns before it runs out of gas. For me that's about 7 hours of mowing including driving edging etc.
  2. stansoph

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    7 hrs on a tank of fuel is awesome. I am lucky to get 1 hour before I am empty. I have Timemasters with tiny fuel tanks.
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    Bought a Exmark 30 to complement the Toro turfmaster that is waiting to get a new cable. Like the controls better. The wheel height adjustment isn't a big deal since we don't change height that often, however the toro is quicker and easier than the exmark but not by much. I do like the upper controls better on the Exmark much easier and less cumbersome. Quality of cut is the same on both mowers.
    Sorry Exact only timemaster I could find they wanted 1200 for and got this one for 1699. Well worth the 500 difference to me to have the Kawi engine.
  4. Jason Rose

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    Geeze this thread is never ending! My 30" Exmark is still working great! Growth slowed down on most lawns allowing us to mulch a lot now. Mulching is better than I've ever seen ANY mower do. Random leaves on the lawn just disappear. I always thought my troybilt 33" was the best mulching mower ever, the exmark/toro is far better. If it had a few more horsepower it would definitely be improved though. I've not moved mine out of the 3" setting, mostly because it's a HIGH 3", realistically it's more like 3.25+" and the jump to the 3.5" setting would be far too tall. Would be nice if they had 1/4" increments of adjustment like the big mowers. Still use mine mainly on back yards, but also do some small lawns with it (front and back) just because it's just as fast as the 48" walker when you factor in the loading and unloading time of both.

    Don't know how someone would be able to break the throttle cable, it's like 4 inches long, lol. After reading this thread and about the transmission issues a month or so back I actually tipped mine on its side (only partly) to see it better. I know now that I was very wrong about how I assumed the transmission worked. No real problems with mine, but it is a bit unnerving when you pull the bail up fully and it doesn't want to climb a hill. Makes me wonder what's slipping when it does this and if that slippage is going to cause a failure. It's still as strong as it was when new though...

    I bought this to stand in for my 36" Walker, and still have no regrets. The cut quality is FAR better, trailer space it takes up is 1/3, plus the weight difference. Will still need the 36" walker for leaf season though, no way are we going to going to fight the little bag versus a 6.7 bushel dump hopper. The Exmark does NOT have enough horse power to mulch through deep leaves either.
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    Might try the TimeMaster blades for mulching only since there is less power soaked up and the grass is not over processed.
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    It would be totally hilarious if the TimeMaster's engine does in fact have more grunt power/torque than the Kawi powered commercial version.....? It is the Briggs Pro series you know....

    Less money
    Easy stow handle that doubles as easier to mow under low branches
    Insanely easy one handed drive operation.
    37# lighter.

    Tiny fuel tank with run time of just 60-70 min....:cry:

    Only advantage for me [TurfMaster] would being able to mow above 4".

    Yes I mow at the max height on some lawns.

    This is where Ybravo has messed up badly. 3.5" max mowing height. :hammerhead:

    Using a different blade gains another 3/8"+....
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  7. lawnsaspire

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    I am only getting 53 minutes per tank of fuel on my Timemaster with Turfmaster blades. Is this terrible? The mower had it's issues when i bought it, dying for no apparent reason. They changed the fuel filter, now it runs fine except it takes about a minute for the engine to speed up to full power on 1st start of each morning.
  8. Exact Rototilling

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    No cause for alarm just yet. Just pull it off the trailer ASAP and let it warm up...fiddle with something else for a minute. Once the engine breaks in it will have more grunt...possibly more than the heavier TurfMaster.....? Just might get 57 minutes of run time then....? :)

    I do wish there was an upgrade for the tiny gas tank....it is a bit of a PITA.
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  9. ProMo

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    2nd transmission went out today. Thank you Exmark. Shop is closed on 4th so my week is screwed.
  10. rbljack

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    ive been limping mine along with the broken drive cable, but its scheduled to go in for repair on the 9th of July. I mentioned that the transmission didn't seem as good as when I first got it, so they will be looking at that too.

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