Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. ProMo

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    distributor doesn't have any transmissions in stock so I may not have it by Friday.
  2. Exact Rototilling

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    I almost hate to mention it but perhaps buy a consumer level TimeMaster as backup to the commercial level TurfMaster may be prudent....?
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  3. rbljack

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    well, its time for an update. As I posted previously, my drive cable broke, and needed servicing. My exmark dealer is 1.5 hours away so I called to find out if it would be possible to get the work that I needed done in one day, and get the mower back. He said he thought he could arrange that IF I brought the mower in when they first opened, and gave them all day to complete the work. I said no problem, and informed them of the work I wanted/needed done.

    here is the list:
    Sharpen blades, Oil and Filter Change repair drive cable, inspect transmission, and correct the problem the carb was having which was that the mower became flooded each time I went from one location to another. We arranged a day to complete the service and I dropped the mower off at their opening time. I got a call around noon, and he informed me that Exmark sent him the wrong cable and he the best he could do was to get one overnighted. Now here IS what dealer support is all about.

    HE apologized for not being able to complete the work in one day, AND told me he would have the mower done on Thursday. I let him know I really needed the mower, but wouldn't be able to make another trip until Saturday. Well, to make a long story short, after they closed shop today, he delivered the repaired mower to my doorstep while I was out mowing today at no extra charge for the inconvenience! I haven't had a chance to check the mower out, but I SURE do appreciate the fact that he delivered the mower to my house which I 1.5 hours away from the dealer! My hats off to Outdoor Power Pros in Lubbock Texas!! :clapping: If the forum rules do not allow me to post their name, sorry moderators, go ahead and remove it if you need to...BUT I wanted to at least tell everyone that there ARE dealers out there that will put out extra effort AFTER THE SALE! I'm amazed
  4. sildoc

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    Have had the exmark 30 for 2 weeks now. Way better than the toro turfmaster. Much more user friendly, seems lighter the way the bars are set up, doesn't clog like the turfmaster does. Just a mowing machine.
    Was a bit skeptical as to buying the exmark as the closest dealer is 2.5 hours away with the transmission problems they were having. Dealer assured me that the transmissions that were having problems didn't make it this far west and most were in the florida area.
    Here's to another great relationship with a red machine.
    By the way the stinking turfmaster is still in the shop for a cable repair. stupid dealer.
  5. Exact Rototilling

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    I'm a bit puzzled as to why the Exmark would cut any different than the Toro TurfMaster...?

    I thought the decks and blades are identical...?
  6. sildoc

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    Cut is the same, as for the reason the exmark doesn't clog??? When I get my toro back I am going to look at them better and see what the difference is. Could be just that the one dealer knows how to set the machine up. We will see.
  7. mountaintopcuts

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    So do they have the transmission problem worked out now?
    Still have not decided if I should buy one or stick with a 21 inch mower due to weight. I have several lawns that I service with very steep banks.
  8. sildoc

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    run with both. I guarantee you will pay for it in less than a year in time savings and being able to do more properties in the same amount of time. We carry a bravo 25, exmark 30 and exmark tthp 36 on one trailer for small to mid size lawns (1k-12k) Use each in the appropriate place and you will save time, and less time equals more money per hour!
  9. vegandude

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    I have now had my exmark 30 for eight mowing days. It completely replaces my 26" and almost completely replaces my 21 and a 33" mower. Cuts great and bags well. It would completely replace my 33 except that I have one lawn so steep that I need brakes on the mower. It would replace my 21 except I won't drag that thing up stairs. Gas use is incredible, I am saving at least a gallon a day. mulches decently. The thing handles like a 21. I don't know how it does in the rain but, I will keep the 26 around for wet days. This mower is probably one of my smartest investments so far. :clapping::clapping:
  10. locallawncare.ca

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    Keep the reviews coming guys, I'm about to buy one, not sure if there were any tranny issues here in Canada or not.

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