Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Updating the group on our progress with our 3 exmark 30 inch mowers we use as our primary mowers: We had transmission problems in all three in the spring. They replaced all 3 of our trannies and so far the new ones have done real well. The positives: they cut great, easy to bag, mulch, or blow it. They mulch better then any machine we've had or demo. The cut is even, we haven't noticed any rutting. They are very easy to turn. They are very easy for employee's to run. I like the kawi engine. The negatives: The tranny issue was a problem. I think they fixed that. They are not great on hills. Going straight down you can lose control. Going up steep hills is not great. We've started taking large hills with diagonal cuts. It works better. We have one mower in the shop we broke the metal at the throttle area. My dealer has been waiting on the part from kawaski for two weeks.This makes me mad. Exmark should look into this. Maybe an exmark rep could come on here and tell us whats going on. Exmark has been good to deal with so far. So far we love the machines and would recommend them. I do hope they work the bugs out and the rest of the year we don't have as much down time, because we really like them.
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    This is a fluke. Kawi has had these engines out for several years. We have yet to have a problem with one yet. Not Exmarks problem.
    I feel for you having down time. Just like the exmark 26, once you figure out the quirks of the machine it will be the best machine you ever had, at least till they make a better machine.
    I do like the exmark over the toro turfmaster, feels and handles much better and the controls are better.
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    As for it flooding try turning off the fuel valve in between houses, some dealers say to do this, but I never have, might help. I don't have this machine so I don't know for sure. I think I'm going to get one now that the spring growth is done and lawns are slowing down, it would be a huge time saver, but all the tranny problems steered me away for a while.
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    Have you ever figured how to eliminate that stripe of cut grass that the 26 leaves? It isn't super important any more as I now have my exmark 30. Just curious.
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    Between every job we close the gas valves while transporting on the trailer. I think it helps. We also started using staron to help ethanol problems and it helps. One of my mowers was missing and my dealer had to put a new carb assembly on it. That could be flooding it. The other thing I found with our 3 machines you have to occasionally adjust the side engagement to get the mower moving faster.
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    Never really had the problem. We had modified blades for ours with super high lift wings welded on them.
    Although thinking on it when we used the mulch blade with the bag on we did have a strip of cut grass left on the left side. For that we made sure the plastic chute was seated right and cleaned the bag. I also think that is when we upped the rpm on the kawi engine a bit.
    Sorry been a long time since we had those problems.

    What are you cutting?? could be the difference as we cut mainly Rye grass and some Fescue.
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    True. On both the turfmaster and exmark I have found the drive belt stretches quickly and when it is really hot slips more than other belts. Adjustment helps.
    When one breaks I will try to find a Gates belt that doesn't stretch as much.
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    Off Topic vegandude, There was a guy up there in Spokane that ran Super Lawn Trucks and sold them every 3-5 years. Haven't seen anything from him lately and was wondering if you could give me a shout if you hear anything.

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