Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.


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    I've used mine since March when i got it constantly, I haven't broke any cables yet knock on wood, but I have noticed it doesn't have the same oomph it once had, but I have also been a little conservative on adjusting the cables because I don't want to add undue strain on them and have them break... My closest dealer and where I purchased my machine is 3 hours away, otherwise I'd have them check it out and possibly replace the trans...
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    Thanks for your info my man.
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    If you recall, I went thru 2 tranys when I first bought my mower. I have had zero problems since the first week of May.
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    I purchased the 30 a few weeks ago. Overall my experiences have been positive however, I am considering adding the mulch kit but I wanted to see what the experiences have been. All my customers are mulched but since we have been getting a lot of rain around here the lawns have been growing more than normal for this time of the year. I'm running into some issues with clumping by just using the mulch plug and then the grass turns into this mush mixture and gets all over the place. After just about every lawn I'm having to clean out the deck and it's getting kinda old. I cut all my customers on a weekly basis and I'm using the 2.5" setting (any higher and the lawns don't have that manicured look). My dealer says the mulch kit (which seems to be just the baffle system, no blades) should help but I'm cautious because I just don't really see how a simple baffle added to the front deck portion would really make that much of a difference. I'm worried it will make it worse. who's using one & what are your thoughts??
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    I have the mulch kit installed and have been side discharging since the grass got thick. With the baffle it doesnt throw out a lot of grass but enough to keep it from bogging. Another option would be to use the low lift blades.
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    I always grab my trusty electric engraver as soon as I get a new piece of equip and engrave the serial number, date of purchase, model number and engine # somewhere on it. Push mowers I always use the discharge chute cover:weightlifter:
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    It's very hard to mulch year round with any mower. We side discharge if the grass is high and set the mower a half inch higher and mulch it on the second pass. If the grass is real wet we discharge once and set the mower a half inch higher and sometimes we discharge again on the second pass. I always try to make bagging a last resort. The 30's discharge well. I've never found a mower that could mulch all year. That's something I like about the 30's you have three quick things you can do according to your situation.
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    We put Exmarks mulch system on our lazers and walk behinds when I was cutting bigger properties. The mulch system does work in most situations: when the grass is dry, or mulching leaves. When the grass is high and wet it was a problem. When we turned grass would drop, side walks would turn green with the tire tracks, we had to clean the deck all the time, and when the deck clogged you would get stringgers standing. The chambered system Exmark has is really good in the right conditions. Even with greater horse power there are limits to mulching. That is one reason I like the 30's you have options for the conditions. I think the the 30's mulch really well in the right conditions with out the chambered system. With the chambered system in the right conditions it would mulch better, but what do you do when the conditions change and you need to blow the grass when it's high and wet. I think with lawn mowing everyone wants a perfect machine for every situation and I don't think there is. Grass is tough when it's high and wet. Fertilizing companies really hurt mowing efforts at times by dumping to much fert on a lawn. I have one lawn were the fert. company drops so much that it needs to be cut every 3 days even if it's not raining, they get seven to eight treatments. Just my opinion!
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    You hit it right on the head! This is a good mower that does have limitions and bugs that they seem to be working out. Some of the fertilizer companys in my city are ridiculous with what they do to these lawns. I like the way it is so quick to change between modes,
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    Vegandude, Sorry to hear your mower went down. Did you get it fixed? What was the problem?

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