Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. JimsLocalLawn

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    I would like to see a Honda 32" HRX modeled like the Toro 30" mower. Clip director, lighter (plastic deck), hydro drive train, and rear discharge would solve all the problems that riddle the Toro.
  2. Jason Rose

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    Lighter sounds like a smart idea until the bag gets 3/4 full of wet grass and you have to hold up on the handle all the time to keep the front wheels down...

    For the life of me I can't understand what the gripe is about the weight anyway? It's really NOT that heavy, it's balanced very well. One trick though, to keep it balanced better when mulching, leave the bag ON. Yes, that empty bag doesn't really weigh much at all, but I noticed a difference in the front end weight (heavier to turn) when I tried to run without it. Either way, once you actually run one a while you don't notice it at all. If I have to use my 21" Toro now, which is a heavy mower, it feels like nothing, lol. Also it makes you really appreciate the 30" cut!
  3. vegandude

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    Weight and balance are perfect, it sits into the grass without the bounce that you get from a 21 and that's why the qoc is so fine
  4. Exact Rototilling

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    The TimeMaster is 37 pounds lighter and personal pace drive. Doesn't cost $1800 either.
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  5. vegandude

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    I run mine 20 plus hours per week, it is my main mower. The gas tank is twice the size and and it has a engine that a real commercial engine and the handle bar set-up while not able to be folded up, it won't break either. As to which mower you get should depend upon how much you plan on using it. One last thing-the tires on the exmark are awesome!!
  6. Valk

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    Interesting observation about leaving the bag on while mulching...so will assume that leaving the mulchplug in still allows the bag to be put on securely? As I recall w/ my SR4-21 this was not the case, fwiw.

    Jason, were you running your 30 in the Spring? I know you tend to collect much of your clippings, but if you did any side-discharging...how did your 30 do with clipping dispersal on TALL Spring fescue?

    While a plastic frame would save weight, I would be inclined to think that the sheer size of this mower deck would be quite a strain on the material. Perhaps someday carbon fiber will be economical enough to be used on all mowers. My biggest gripe with Zs/standers is driving around on someone's lawn with a 1000+ lb vehicle. Dry Summer/Fall ground isn't that big of a deal (except turf damage from heat-stress), but Springtime is rutting season.
  7. Jason Rose

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    As long as your mulch plus is locking in like it should it won't come out unless the tab is pushed down.

    I don't side discharge unless it's a really crappy lawn, and the 30" really doesn't get used for that sort of thing. What I did use it on to discharge was weeds (crabgrass) and because of how wet it always is it clogged the small discharge hole a lot. Of course the same problem is had with ANY mower. Discharging in fescue was better, but I didn't do much of it. With the actual discharge chute on you can't be cutting off much without getting windrows. Without the chute it does spread the clippings evenly and over a good 3 to 4 mower widths to the side, but they are just left on top which is unacceptable to me. Again, any mower is going to do the same thing... But what I do is knock it down discharging and then slap the cover back on and bag it. Reduces the number of times the bag has to be emptied by probably 75%.

    I shouldn't put this on this post, but I will anyway...

    For the people that own one, be sure to check the belt tension on the cog belt that runs the blades! Mine has about 100 hours on it and I just checked mine. It definitely needed to be adjusted back to spec. Thankfully it's a VERY simple adjustment, just need 2 1/2 inch wrenches and a feeler gauge. I also had an oil leak on my engine, one of the bolts that holds the PLASTIC oil filter adapter on the engine block was loose. This let oil get onto the blade belt (the one that runs from the engine) and even after fixing the leak I was having issues with the belt slipping a lot. I sprayed some belt dressing on it to try and counter act the oil. Seems to be working fine now the last few days.
  8. locallawncare.ca

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    Good info Jason Rose, I feel stupid for not buying one yet, I was skeptical at first, and then the tranny issues, but now it seems like I missed out a season's worth of using it, oh well. Next spring this will be my first purchase, 100%. Keep the great info coming.
  9. jkilov

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    Glad to hear it works right for a lot of people.

    Down here south, I just don't see this working for me. I have a lot of commercial and industrial customers and this Friday my FJ180V equipped 21" was struggling on a biweekly cut, had to use 1st gear most of the time. How putting the same engine on a 30" deck can work in situations like this is beyond me.

    I still think this is a niche mower for weekly manicured lawns only.
  10. magicmike

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    Lol your always preaching the timemaster... You must love it. I personally do not like the personal pace drive
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