Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Buy the Toro then?? This machine mulched amazing for me last year[/QUOTE]

    I have last years TimeMaster 30. The jury is out for me on the Toro Commercial single bail vs. The Exmark two bail levers. I also prefer the Exmark engine guard grab bar over the shield on the Toro.

    I'm really wanting to demo both the Exmark and Toro Commercial side by side with my 2012 TimeMaster?
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  2. Jason Rose

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    I saw online it said something about "mulch kit" as an optional accessory... So I'm betting there's a baffle that bolts on in place of the front triangle baffle that encloses each blade into its own cutting chamber. That's the downfall to decks with more than one blade, you really NEED to do that to make them a true mulcher. They will work ok with just a plug or chute block off but the grass is still going to be pushed to one side... The baffles under the deck already probably do alright though. I for sure plan to mulch some with mine, plus my old troybilt, when it's hot and the grass isn't growing crazy. Some back yards it's just easier to bag though, and people with dogs that go in and out really ***** if their dog comes in with grass all over them from mulching or discharging. As do people with pools... Kids run through the lawn and then into the pool and grass stuck to their feet ends up in the pool.

    I'm not too impressed with the mulch plug on the Exmark, i'm sure the Toro is the same. It's pretty flimsy and was rather hard to get stabbed in there and latched with a brand new clean deck. I'd imagine with some grass build up it would take a good bit of scraping just to get it to go in and latch.
  3. locallawncare.ca

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    You dont really need the plug, the chute will quickly fill and then act like a plug anyway, downside is that it will drop all the clipping in that section once you stop. The thing with these 3 in 1 mowers is they only mulch/bag so well, they are multipurpose and are adequete at both, a mulching deck should be rounded almost like a dome, and a bagger is smooth and tapered slightly, kinda like a ybravo deck. I think people expext too much from their mower, just my thoughts, cant wait to get my Turfmaster.
  4. kennymo81

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    Picked up my Exmark Commercial 30 last week. This thing is a beast. Paid 1800. The machine is all around solid except I agree with the remark about the mulch plug being flimsy. I was concerned about the lack of power possibly but after starting it up im not concerned anymore. Cant wait to use it.
  5. rbljack

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    Congrats kenny. I still have a power concern issue, but will wait and see for green thick grass before I can really tell. For those using this mower, feel free to post your comments on the Exmark in this thread. As we start to put hours on these mowers, we can keep a running list of what we think, for others to view ALL in one place. There were a lot ot threads on the timemaster scattered all over the place. But because the exmark wasnt available until recently, I wanted to try and do a review/blog on the exmark 30. A few are making comparisons between the exmark and toros which is fine. Im hoping we can get a good feel for this mower in the next 2 months when the green up occurs. that will be its first true test. After that will be the longevity of it. I will be posting as the year goes by discussing the good (or bad) on the mower as it occurs. So dont hold back, if you dont agree with something I say, or find something that I didnt discuss (like the mulch plug which should have been a bit "beefier" i agree with that)...feel free to post those comments or experiences here.

    Oh..and no updates to report on the mulch kit yet. I need to call my dealer back and see if they got it in. Once I have it in hand, Ill post pictures of it and will review how well it mulches as we start getting the bermuda and st augustine out of dormancy.
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  6. Valk

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    Would like to know how long it'll take to install/remove that mulch kit once you get it.

    Am most interested in side-discharging capabilities and clipping dispersal/QOC (Quality Of Cut). Those higher lift blades sound like a positive step in the right direction.

    The engine power is another concern for dealing with Spring grass...especially if trying to mulch.

    I would like to also add that due to the lower cost of entry into these 'commercial' mowers...that this will be a popular mower for new guys wanting to buy new. Nothing against new guys, but it's usually new guys that expect too much and come here to b1tch about it. Achieving an excellent QOC usually requires one to mow slowly when conditions are less than perfect. And when the deck packs it suddenly becomes the mower's fault. Keep the deck clean, the blades sharp...and voila! Best of luck...and I'm looking forward to hearing those upcoming honest reviews!
  7. JFGLN

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    Mowed my yard today with the new exmark 30. I cut about an inch of very wet grass. Its been raining on and off all day. Cuts nice. It takes a bit more effort to turn around but otherwise handles good. I used the bag for most of the lawn. The grass did cake up under the deck but I didn't have to stop and clean it until I was done. I did part of the yard with the side discharge. Looks good. You can't see the clippings.

  8. Utah Lawn Care

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    If you're not aware of the mowing speed comparison to a 21, I just mowed my personal lawn in 30 minutes which takes me 56 with a 21. About 13500 square feet.

    I have used the mulching plug a couple days in a row on leaves. It does bog down if they get thick. It does a decent job cutting them up if one goes slowly. To make it look really good one would want to run leaves over 2-3 times.
  9. nozzy

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    Wow, cutting mowing time almost in a half is impressive. I mow with 21's all the time - mostly 4,000 - 6,000 sq/feet lawns. Are other people finding this kind of time savings?
  10. locallawncare.ca

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    I'm sure it depends on the openness of the property, the more obstacles and tight places probably take away from the gains, but I would say at minimum you can cut your time by 1/4 to 1/3. Doesn't look like it stripes very well, but I'm sure roller on the back would take care of that.

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