Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

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    The 30's do mulch well. If the grass is high and wet I haven't found a mower that does mulch well, including the 30's. What we do if the grass is high and wet we side discharge at the ht. we want it at and then go back over it at an inch higher mulching it. It works well. At times you do need to scrape the deck more often then I would like to. I personally would not get a mulch system put on it, because I like the freedom to have all options discharge, mulch, and bag. I think that is the mowers strong point. That was something I did not like about the walkbehinds and riders. I really try and stay away from bagging. That is why I only will take lawns for weekly cuts. After the spring crazy growth we mulch most of the time.
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    The mulch kit on this mower is merely a bolt on front baffle.

    The Exmark may already have this bolted on from the factory...?

    Can someone confirm.

    Honestly the way this mowers deck builds up debris in the front [low presure area] is much like having the mulch kit there. I don't think it detracts from bagging at all.

    Someone chime in who has tried this back and forth.
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    I have to disagree.

    Without a front baffle to compartmentalize the blades, it throws all the clippings to the right side and windrows or blows them out from under the deck. It's an absolute PITA, when trying to stripe a high-end property. I'm running Turfmaster blades, on a Timemaster. Any thought if that's the problem? Do I need to go back to Timemaster blades (I've never mowed with them)?

    I run a Power Chute on my X-ONE, and it does the same thing without the mulching baffles installed. This makes me think one has to compartmentalize the blades, to get them to properly mulch.
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    I read a review the other day of someone who purchased a timemaster, and put the turfmaster blades and the front mulch baffles on his mower and claimed it cut better with that setup. I would imagine it would keep the clippings in the path of the blades instead of throwing them forward.

    The front mulch baffle is like $28, buy it and see if it helps. From what I see it bolts on, but I only see one bolt...so I could be wrong.
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    Thanks, for that. I'll head out to the eXmark dealer, tomorrow.
  6. rbljack

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    I second the above. I bought the mulch kit and never put it on. The mower mulches DECENT without it. I have only run into clumping on thicker tall lawns and heavy st Augustine.

    And to the OP that as asking about the Exmark 30 vs Honda HRC, I would give the edge to quality to the Honda HRC. I noticed this to be apparent in the fall when mulching leaves especially. The Honda would do a better job of mulching them up small in comparison to the exmark 30. But I should also note that I did NOT have the mulch baffle installed on the Exmark 30, only the mulch plug. I prefer this set up because I can switch from mulch to bag easily. If the baffle is bolted in, it would have to be removed each time to bag, and that would be a PITA.
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    So I stop by the local eXmark dealer, yesterday, to order/buy the mulching baffle. I tell the parts guy what I'm after. He looks at me and asks "What model is that?". "It doesn't really have a name other than Commercial 30. It's a twin-blade, walk behind mower built by Toro.". I, then, explain to him the different Toro models and that the eXmark is a rebadged Turfmaster. He looks at me stumped and says he's never heard of it. How is a parts guy supposed to sell parts when he doesn't even know about a current model mower? Argh! He took my information and said he'd have to do some research. He assured me he'd get it ordered, though. I'll never buy an eXmark, given that both of the nearest dealers suck.
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    Exmark part #116-5588-01


    $22.58 at partstree.com
  9. ducnut

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    Actually, I think I'm after 116-7301-01 Mulching Baffle at $66.46 from partstree.com. It comes further back than the baffle you listed, and has a "tang" that comes even further back from there and above the left blade.


    This should really compartmentalize, for mulching.

    Thank you, for mentioning partstree.com. The "$99" at the top of the diagram is what the dealer wants for it.
  10. ducnut

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    I just ordered the mulch kit, from partstree.com, at $74.41, shipped.

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