Pulled the trigger/ New Exmark 30 for me...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by rbljack, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. sildoc

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    Don't buy one. I can tell you Honda ventured into the larger than 21" mower realm once and they won't do it again.
    I would buy another in a heart beat. I can tell you we use to service 18 yards a day with a 21, then bumped to a 26 and could service 25-28 and now service 30-36 with the 30. near double what the 21 did.
    Yes there may be problems but that is what we keep back up mowers for. I have yet to have a problem on my exmark 30 and only broke both cables on the toro 30. The guys prefer the exmark 30 over the toro turfmaster.
  2. mx315

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    I got two of them 3 weeks ago and they are great mowers. Mulching and bagging is awesome. Saves the crews a lot of time and production is up. Got one for the day to demo, mowed for 3 hours and went back and bought two.
  3. Mikeyd

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    I have a new one for sale (Exmark 30 Commercial). Asking $1350, bought last month and have the receipt to show. Have a grand total of about an hour on it.

    I bought it thinking I could used it for new or temp employees before turning them loose on my standon's

    I have since decided to stay solo.

    BTW... I live in Carmel, In.

  4. vegandude

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    You hit it right on the nail. I still run about the same number of lawns per week(65-70) but now find myself with at least an extra hour or more per day to do odd jobs. Substantial fuel savings also
  5. olajoe808

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    So,., there must have been at least a dozen or so transmission failures in this thread. And now a seperate thread same issue just surfaced. if it's not the transmission it's the drive cable.

    Has anyone hit 250hrs without anything breaking?
  6. Jason Rose

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    I have about 210 on mine, nothing has broken so far, although a couple weeks ago the transmission drive belt popped off for reasons unknown. No sticks or anything in the area to have possibly gotten in there to cause it. Belt was in fine shape and once i got it back on it didn't appear stretched out or anything. I put it back on, which was a bit of a battle until I conceded to pull the spring off of the transmission, no problems since.
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  7. vegandude

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    Around 275 hrs or so I had to have both idler pulleys replaced(under warranty)-not a big deal. I am suspicious that one of the spindle bearings is going out. Sitting at 337 hours on the machine right now. If it is going out I believe it's because of the giant rock I hit last fall. Still absolutely no regrets getting this machine.
  8. sildoc

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    We have roughly 600 hours on the Toro and around 450 on the Exmark. Toro have replaced the cable, exmark nothing. Have done the recall on the bolt and washer on both. If They both broke tomorrow I would be out buying more of them. Has allowed us to cut between 30-40 lawns per day, which is up from 25-32. You figure out the savings!
  9. rbljack

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    ive had one hell of a bad week. First the exmark transmission goes out, and now today the ZTR engine locked up. Its been using some oil, and ive been replacing it as needed. But today.....the worst of things happened...LONG overgrown grass because they waited too long to call me. I ran through a tank of fuel, and refilled...BUT SHOULD HAVE checked the oil too. Refilled, and about an hour later, mower lost power. Turned off the key, and that was the end. Checked the oil....and DAMN if it wasn't below the stick. tried pulling the spark plug after adding oil, but shes locked solid. Im SO mad at myself for this...what a crappy week...ugg.

    Taking the exmark back to the dealer Monday. That's a 90 mile trip one way.....just my luck.
  10. rbljack

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    well, down two mowers, both the exmark 30 and the ztr are in the shop....so whats a guy (with a bunch of lawns to mow) supposed to do? Double DOWN! I was hoping to find a turf tracer, but they didn't have a single 36 or bigger walk behind in stock. BUT....they had a used Exmark 30, so being under the gun, I bought it.

    I would have preferred something new, but I was down to only my 21 inch mowers, or my lawn tractor....and the Exmark 30 is my primary mower....so Im at least back in the game.

    Oh, and I also dropped off my FS90R to get a new throttle cable put on. Its murphys law that this stuff happens during the busiest time of the year. Id rather have ordered the parts and replaced it myself, but no time at the moment.

    This is why having back up equipment is so important. I purchased the Kombi 130 power head with the edger and trimmer attachment, so Im still able to do all the mowing, trimming, and edging tasks with o downtime. I also have the FS250 if I need it.

    Anyways, that's where Im at right now with the exmark 30 situation. But tomorrow is my last day mowing and then its time for a vacation for 4 days at the BIGGEST MOTORCYCLE Rally in texas! Helll YES...TIME FOR ROT! I NEED A VACATION! :cool2:
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