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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by DLoveless, Mar 24, 2011.

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    Sweet. Have fun. I love my Z and BR600 too. Never knew what I was missing.
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    As I stated in my earlier post, I wanted to put a few good mowing's behind the controls of my new Z930A before I wrote my first review! Well I've now mowed 8 acres with it and figured I could give my initial review of the mower. I'll continuously give reviews every 50 hours of ride time and let every one know any problems/concerns I'm having for anyone interested.

    I'll lay out the conditions I use my mower in. I have approximately 5 acres of land. I purchased this property about 2 months ago. I have a pretty decent size creek that splits the property in half. One half had been maintained decently while one half was mowed with a tractor every other year. For the last few weeks I have been trying to get someone with a tractor and shredder to come brush hog the half that had not been touched for a few years. The weeds/grass was out of control and some of the grass was around 3 feet tall. Every one I talked to was tied up for the next three weeks or so, and I'm not patient. Therefore this weekend I decided it was time to see what my 930A could do. Did I mention that I also have around 75-100 big trees on the place with dead limbs every where under this tall grass and saplings that were half an inch id diameter? Needless to say I had my doubts that the mower could handle what I was about to put it through.

    When purchasing the lawn mower I did my research and talked to the sales rep quite a bit. I originally wanted the 72 inch deck and a smaller motor. He eventually talked me into the 930A with the 60 inch MOD deck promising a better cut quality. And now I'm so glad that he did. I mowed through the tall stuff without the motor giving me any problems! I kept expecting it to bog down or stall but It never did! And this was pretty thick stuff. Every dead branch I hit, every sapling I ran over and all of thick grass was no match for the motor. I was very impressed with the 29 hp motor. It was more than I expected. I did go slower than normal to get a good cut, but even when I did speed up it cut right through everything! Even with the slower speed and the tall grass, I was able to cut my 4-5 acres in about 3.5 hours. Which is a lot faster than I had originally thought. Now that the grass is at normal levels, I still think I can cut it under three hours!

    The MOD deck is a great feature. I purchased the MOD deck mainly to use for mulching the billion leaves that fall from the trees on our place. Even thought I'll only use it a handful of times a year, It will definitely be worth the extra money. It will turn piles of leaves into dust! And BEWARE, when you run over huge piles of leaves with the MOD engaged get ready for a dust storm! I was blowing dust out of my nose for three days!

    Grass displacement: When you have the MOD dis-engaged and are discharging the grass out of the side, you can really move some grass! Mowers I used in the past would have trouble displacing all of the grass it was cutting. Even though I was in three feet tall grass, it still never clogged at the discharge cover. It can really blow some grass out! Which I found really nice.

    Hydraulics: I haven't read the owners manual yet on the hydraulics, but the left stick doesn't have the power that the right stick does. I'm not sure if you can adjust that or not. I know I have read a few threads on this topic so I'm going to do a little more research and see what I come up with. Its not bad, just a noticeable difference.

    Fuel: As much as it likes to eat grass, it eats the fuel. I haven't sat down and calculated the fuel consumption on the beast yet, but I'm sure its up there. The tanks wasn't full when the dealership delivered it so I'm going to fill it full next time and see how many hours It takes to consume the whole tank. But as I stated, some things are just worth it! I'll gladly pay for the fuel to ride on such a nice piece of equipment!

    The only trouble I had out of the mower was its weight. I tried crossing a narrow part of the creek that was little wet and it sunk instantly. I thought it was dry so I didn't power through it like I should have (and I don't think it would have stuck if I did) but it sunk, and it sunk fast. Also, even when I tried controlling the turns, it cut up the grass pretty good when doing a 180 degree turn. But, as I stated before, I'm pretty impatient and could care less about a few tire marks from sharp aggressive turns! Other than that I love the machine! Two of the John Deere decals have already flew off, but I think everyone can tell from the green and yellow what it is anyways :)

    As for the weed eater and blower....Stihl makes dang good products and these two pieces are no different! I used the weed eater around every tree and to combat the three foot tall grass in the creek. At first I was worried. It didn't sound if it was tuned correctly. I ran the first tank dry (which the dealer had filled up) and then switched over to premium gas with the Stihl premium oil. Once I filled it up with that it was good to go. So i'm not sure if it was break in time or bad fuel, but when I put the good stuff in it, it ran like a champ and knocked down everything I asked it to! All-in-all I am very impressed with both pieces from Stihl! I have hedge trimmers and a chain saw that are both almost 10 years old and start on the second or third pull every time! If these hold up to that, I'll be very happy!

    If anyone would like for me to comment on specifics just let me know! Keep checking in for my updated reviews! Hope this will help potential buyers or any interested party!



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    nice equipment. good luck with it
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    Your review is dead on,been driving a 920 for a week.I cant find much fault with this mower.The velocity coming out of the deck is unbelievable,for wooded lawns it blows the leaves,straw and clippings way out into the woods,no need for bagger or blowing time.My rear tires do scalp even when being extra careful,I think the problem is that it weighs 150 pounds more than another z I drive,has a hard time slinging the heavy front end around.Also that deck lock knob is improved but sometimes it turns the outside knob with it,can live with that.And it does cut smoother than 3 other brands I've tried.

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