Pulled up to the house and the Sprinkler System is ON!


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The customer knew I was was coming to mow, yet when I pulled up the sprinkler system was running. The lawn was flooded and I was fuming. Customer wanted me to come back tomorrow. This happens alot more than it should. What do you guys do? Trip charge? thanks


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if she knows that you are suposed to be their and that their is a scheduled mowing for that day, i would charge her 50% of the service fee for your time wasted. (since this keeps happening)

then come back the next day, charge her 100% of the service fee for the work to be done.

also explain to her that you will bill her for trips if this keeps happening.


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Martinsville, IN
I would ask her why she turned on the sprinkler if she knew I was coming! If she wanted to reschedule I would explain that I have other customers and need to be sure that this wouldn't happen again!


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Chicago IL
This has happened to me a couple of times. I told them I couldn't mow the next day. There's no way I'm going to hold off other customers. They either had to wait till next week and be charged double or mow it while it was wet anyway. They don't like either choice. All three times I mowed it while it was wet, left nice long muddy streaks in their yards and it hasn't happened since.


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what day of the week is the cutting if it is early she pry wants it closer to the weekend and is messin with u


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Things like this happen in this business, and when they do you have to keep your cool. You need to send a nice letter to her or call her regarding this issue. You can't just start charging her double for a service you didn't provide; she'll drop you like a bad habbit (or at least I would in that position).

I'm sure she's not out to get you or mess with you; if this happens to you a lot, send a letter to all of your customers regarding a change in your service, and that you will start charging per wasted trip due to sprinklers, locked gates, dogs, etc. At least they'll realize that they are wasting your time and money that way, and they'll know that they would be charged for this sort of incident. People don't realize how much of a PITA it is to reschedule and that you're already at the mercy of the weather...


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Tell the customer ro reset the start time for the irrigation so that it starts early and is done by 4 am , she will lose less water to evaporation and the lawn should be dry enough to cut by 9 am