pulley removal ferris is 2000z

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by itteitj, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. itteitj

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    trying to remove the right hand blade mower deck pulley to add a 2 pulley unit for a bagger attachment. not having much success. any help would be appreciated. unit is a 2007 IS2000Z, 52 "
  2. dutch1

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    Looks pretty straight forward with a 3 jaw puller. Remove the retaining nut, washers and zerk. Apply PB Blaster or equivalent to shaft and sheave. Most 3 jaw pullers have a centering point on the thrust bolt. Place an appropriate sized nut on top of the spindle shaft that will allow the pulley to clear yet retain the the centering point of the puller. Care has to be exercised as the pulley can be damaged. I actually prefer using an air hammer on the spindle shaft while either prying up on the pulley with a pry bar or lifting with the hand. Again, care has to taken not to apply the air hammer directly to the shaft as the spindle shaft can be expanded as well as the zerk threads being damaged. I use a short piece of brass shaft between the air hammer and shaft.

    Others may suggest other methods.
  3. shop22

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    air hammer is my preferred method. usually with a puller the pulley will gtet deformed.
  4. cut-rite

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    this has a QD type bushing , remove the 3 small bolts from the pulley and thread them into the tapped holes in the bushing . this will separate the pulley from the tapered split bushing . when reassembling dont over tighten the bolts it will crack the pulley
  5. Dakotadog

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    cut-rite you have the correct procedure for a Hercules spindle on the Ferris machines but this unit being a 2007 has a 4 bolt aluminum spindle on it.

    itteitj once you remove the nut from the top of the pulley there is nothing holding that pulley on the shaft. I would soak it in some PB blaster for a day or two and then remove the grease fitting from the top of the spindle and use a 3 jaw pulley puller to remove the pulley. When you re-assemble a pulley on the spindle shaft I would recommend a good dose of anti-seize. Hope this helps.
  6. dcdon

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    The best penetrating oil I have ever run across for something like this is 1/2 acetone and 1/2 ATF (automatic transmission fluid). takes half the torque of Kroil, or any other brand I've found. Those two ingredients will not go into solution, so shake it hard in a pump spray.

    I've had one that was so seized with the 1/4" key that just had to be cut off with cutting torch. I try to save all I can, and it broke my heart, but why spend 5 hours trying to save it. Came off a unit that someone never serviced since new, and left it out in the elements completely and the zerk was gone.

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