Pulley removal-How?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MoGreen, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Man, I'm beginning to think it's time to get a new mower........not having much luck lately.
    Bobcat Leo 48" cut-18hp motor
    Electric clutch went up on me. Ordered a new one and could not get the pulley off of the crank! Used PB Blaster for a few days to soak and finally got it off, BUT mangled the heck out of it because I used a 3 jaw gear puller. Had to order a new pulley/shaft combo (of course they were welded together) at $75.
    Motor has just started smoking on me and I have ALOT of hours on it, so I opted to install a 25hp V-Twin with 130hrs on it. Had to remove the electric clutch and pulley/shaft (again) to remove the motor from the deck frame. Guess what? The damn pulley/shaft combo is stuck again! I don't want to mess this one up too. When I put it back together I used anti-seize so I wouldn't have this problem!
    I do not have a torch-I've been told to heat it up and it will work. Mower is hard to load up into my trailer because it's too heavy and stuck in the shed!
    The pulley is about 4" around. Is there such a thing as a PULLEY puller-(not a gear puller as the jaws bend up my pulley)!
    What to do?

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