pullin the trigger on a L45?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Ecoscapes, Apr 22, 2012.

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    I've been looking for a tractor for about 2yrs. now, Ive tried skidsteers, compact tractors, (deere, nh, kioti, kubota) 50+hp range. I do hardscapes, driveways, getting into field mowing, and general landscaping. I've recently tried an L45 and am now leaning towards the l45. It would solve my need for a loader and mini ex, it seems like a great all in one tractor, little concerned with woods work, clearance, no cab, but other than those concerns it looks good. I was dead set on a cab tractor, like the L57 but maybe I can sacrifice that comfort for a heavier duty more capable machine; so I got a price on a new, 2011 unit, loader backhoe thumb, its sat on dealers lot so he discounted it to 43000+/- with the 0% deal, its just so confusing theres alot of used machines for half the $ but with 1000+ hrs, there are cab tractors for around 25-30000 but without backhoe, and used financing probably around 6% interest not too far off from the 0% for $40k .... ahhhh! I just need to make a decision, trying to justify the $40k purchase! I've got a few jobs lined up for machine but i'm definately not booked up for the year, sometimes you just gotta believe it'll work out I guess.. any advice from folks that've been in similar positions would be greatly appreciated! thanks,
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    good luck with your purchase. you can always put a fremar top on it till it earns a luarin cab. does it have the lift capacity at the loader for a full pallet of block?

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