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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guntruck, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. guntruck

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    Do any of you guys pull tow behind aerators with a ztr? I really cant imagine it but wasnt sure if anyone here has done it. Im looking into getting a tractor just for this purpose like a Deere or Kubota but was just curious about the ztr's.
  2. I pull a 48" aerator with a gear drive walkbehind.

    I have a new 48" tru core on order it should be at my door in about a week. I will mount a seat and foot rests on it and use it as a sulky. Then I mount a 1 7/8 trailer coupler to the aerator and tow off a 1 7/8 trailer ball mounted to the walkbehind.

    The added weight of Stone is just like filling up the drum with water w/o the hassle. I just get off it and walk everything up the trailer ramp from job it job.

    This will be a much better set up when I get a new hydro traction unit. This way I will be able to push a tine rake and mow at the same time w/o the peerless transmission issues.
  3. Eric ELM

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    A Lesco/Classen split axle tow behind aerator will work either way. I like it on the 3 point hitch for lifting over sprinkler heads, sidewalks, driveways and all obsticles. Using a ZTR on big open areas is fine and you can turn fairly sharp as long as you have at least a split axle on it. With a solid axle, you will tear up turf while turning it.
  4. cleancut

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    I do and I would say that most of the people on this site that has a ztr has also...They work just as good if not better than a regular rider....Get's a little tricky backing, but once you get used to it, it's no big deal....You'll have to do some modifications to hook up the aerate behind your ztr but it's pretty simple...They also make an aerator to go on the front of your ztr..Derrick
  5. Evan528

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    Stone, that should make your back feel great after a day of aerating!
  6. double e

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    I used to pull one with my woods- I would chain it on- then I welded a U hitch on back-
    Like someone said- Backing up takes a little time
  7. I could or first class with this unit and buy a $90 suspension seat.

    Or might just make a foot platform and stand on it.
  8. Ssouth

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    I have found that backing up with the Tru Core aerator is actually very simple if it is pulled behind a ZTR. Turning sharply it does tear the lawn, but is that not what you are trying to do. It only looks bad for two weeks and after that the grass starts to germinate. After the grass germinates and starts to grow the lawns look plush and full. Personally, I do not care how it looks after aerating, my only concern is how it looks when the grass starts coming up. I explain to my clients that it will look like sh*# for two weeks then it will look better than ever. Good luck with your areating/seeding. May the weather be on you side.
  9. jason2

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    I've been kicking an idea around awhile. Thinking about taking off the deck on my 18 hp 36" Bobcat, and mounting a 36" Tru-core to the front.

    Cut off the hitch of the aerator, and weld the arms from the aerator hitch to the frame of the Bobcat. Build a wheel kit that would lower hydraulically for transport. I could run a pump off the deck belt for this. Get some taller tires for the drive wheels to level the unit out.

    Figure this would be a lot more productive that your standard w/b aerator, and a lot easier to manuver.

  10. 65hoss

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    Hey Stone, I thought you already had an aerator that you pulled behind the wb and you could ride on? Why are you getting another one?

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