Pulling out a tree with my truck?????????

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Mr.Mow-It-All, May 15, 2006.

  1. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    The tree is a 25-30' bradford pear, about 10" diameter trunk. Customer called and said the tree was hit by lighting and wants it taken out and a new one put in. Will there be to big of a root system to pull it out. I don't think it is dead yet, not sure (haven't seen it) They are about 25 min away so I hate to go over there just to look when I could go over there tomorrow to do the work. Plus I am only going to replace it with about a 15 gal tree.

    Just not sure if I could pull it out with the truck, or need to do something else. New to planting trees so any help would be great.
  2. stuffdeer

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    Well, I'm no expexrt, But I personally wouldn't want to, 30 Ft tree pulled out, and comes foward and hits the truck...A big no no for me. Maybe trim it first, down to maybe 10 ft and then do it.
  3. specialtylc

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    Well I doubt you will even get it loose with a pickup. Dig around the base & cut off all the main roots. Then you might have a chance. Good luck.
  4. chevytrucks84

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    i think you would be better off renting a stump grinder w/ something like that. Pretty hard on your truck to try to pull it up.
  5. mak2

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    In a word DONT, but if you feel you must do not use a nylon strap, use a chain. Still a very bad idea.
  6. cdjohnson7

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    Done it! not worth the damage to the truck (radiator 299.00) rent a stump grinder or use an old chainsaw and cut a square around the base of the tree stump into the dirt this will cut all the roots to the depth of the bar. Then will be easier to get out.
  7. mpflood

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    Bradford Pears' by nature have a straight down root system.This is why they are ideal for planting near sidewalks.If you try this method you describe,please have a camera rolling!
  8. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    It was just a thought. After thinking back on some much smaller trees that I had pulled out, I agree that this would not be a good idea. I talked to the customer( I say customer, but was just someone who called, that is why I had never seen it.) and she said it was in the back yard and there is no way I would pull my truck on their lawn. I told here to call an actual tree company that has the equipment already. It would not be feasable (for her) for me to rent the right equipment just for this one tree 30 min away. But thanks for all the replies.
  9. DLS1

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    Hope you have tree damage insurance on your truck. Bad idea to make a few bucks. Truck repair is expensive. Hope you don't tear up your transmission. :dizzy: :dizzy: :hammerhead: :hammerhead:
  10. topsites

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    The proper procedure is cut it down, then cut it to pieces, then haul it away.
    Yes, pricewise that's a LOT higher than what they're thinking, but it's the proper way and really, the only way.

    As for pulling with either a chain or rope:
    It's a bad idea regardless, the only time I used the truck to pull a tree (please read through the rest below) was this 20-footer was leaning after a hurricane, and I pulled it straight with the truck.

    Here is what I experienced:
    I used a 100-foot tree rope, this is a tough rope, something like a thousand pounds test but it is stronger than that... At first the tree wouldn't budge, so I gave it slightly more gas, and then more gas, and then still some more, the single stranded rope kept stretching and I got really scared. So, I hunkered down in the cab so that my head and body was below the glass - chain or rope you need to be out of the way in case it SNAPS !
    So here I am leaning flat on the sofa-style seat still giving it more gas, with the mirror re-aimed at the tree so I could see.
    Nothing... More gas, still nothing...
    Now I am thinking, what if the rope comes through the rear window... I'm out of the direct path, but what about all the glass?
    Keep in mind this is a D-250 which has posi-trac, so at one point I got to where I didn't care no more, the rope was so tight first I made sure NOBODY was around anywhere, then I gave it gas until both tires spun and after some smoke finally the tree budged and I was able to pull it upright.

    Risks? Nevermind my life, what about the transmission and the tires?
    What about if the rope had broken and smacked into the truck?
    Think about 50 or 60 feet of inch-thick rope coming at the truck at 100mph or so...
    Who pays for anything if it breaks? Oh, that would be me... yeah...

    I ain't never been so scared in my life, and I will never use a truck with a rope to pull trees or bushes ever again.
    And why? Because it was then I realized they were trying to save money, but it's not cheaper because what I also realized is that while they save money, *I* take ALL the risk. So now I quote them the 300-400 or whatever it costs to cut it down, cut it up, and haul it away and I'm finished with that job before I even start...
    I did it one time, and will never do it again.

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